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June 19, 2009

Madi, The Cat

Kritter Koffeehouse

 MADI:  Hello @buschpetproduct, and thanks for meeting me at the Kritter Koffeehouse.  I am very excited to be speaking with you today and greatly appreciate your time.  Before we get started, I just want to point out that just like everything associated with the Kritter Kommunity, Kritters That Twitter is specifically designed for Animals and Animal Lovers.  The Kritter Koffeehouse is open daily and serves beverages and snacks for both Animals and Hoomans.  That being said, I see you are a Hooman…..could I offer you a cup of hot tea or coffee?

 @buschpetproduct: I love both!  I guess I should drink more hot tea, but coffee can be soooo good!

 MADI:  Great, lets go ahead and get started; we are eager to learn more about you!  First and most important, what is your association with Animals?  Do any Animals allow you to care for them?  (If you have pets, please spend a minute telling us about them)

 @buschpetproduct: I grew up in a dog showing family.  My parents raised and showed beagles for over 40 years.  At one point, we had 30 beagles in our kennel!  That’s a lot of four-legged brothers and sisters for me!  My parents just retired from professional dog handling and breeding.  They also own a local boarding kennel facility, so I’ve been exposed to animal care literally all my life!  I currently own cats…I take care of seven!     Four of them are seniors and three are under the age of two, so they keep it pretty crazy around the house!  I also petsit locally and I still work at the kennel.  I hope to take over the operation of it someday.

 MADI: Your screen name is @buschpetproduct on Twitter….Tell me about that name, what it means, how you came up with the name. (feel free to discuss your business here)

 @buschpetproduct It is the name of my company and online pet supply store, Busch Pet Products (www.buschpetproducts.com).  I originally thought about a different name, but with my family’s name being so prominent in the dog show world and locally, I decided to capitalize on that!  If I ever get to open a boutique, I may give it a different name, but for now, Busch Pet Products gets the point across.

 MADI:  My sister Abi and I see you on Twitter regularly.  What do you like most about Twitter and how do you find it valuable?

 @buschpetproduct: I am still learning a lot about Twitter.  I don’t actually think I have harnessed its full power yet.  I really like it because I’ve met several other small business owners in the same situation I’m in…trying to find ways to get my name out there.  I’ve also found some great new wholesalers and I’ve liked their products so much I’m going to start selling them myself!  It’s been win/win so far!

 MADI:  How do you use Twitter to add value to Animal and Animal Lovers lives?  Do you have a Blog?

 @buschpetproduct: I hope that I can continue to use Twitter as an outlet for knowledge for animal lovers.  That’s part of what will come in time.  I do have a blog, but I blog for the National Canine Cancer Foundation (www.wearetehcure.org/blog).  My blog also appears on my local newspaper’s website.  I make guest appearances on a friend’s blog called Perspective on Pets.  I will have these linked back to my website also.

 MADI:  We love your store!  What do you specialize in and when did you start?

 @buschpetproduct:  I opened the online store on October 2008.  Originally I was just trying to get a smattering of items for each “department.” Then it hit me…anyone can buy this stuff at a big box store or the like, so I revamped it a bit and now I offer unusual, new items with a larger focus on eco-friendly, holisitic, made in the USA, and locally-made items.  I carry items for both dogs and cats, but I am not opposed to items for horses or even birds at some point.  I just want to maintain my focus of quality, affordable items that are healthy and fun for your pet!

 MADI:  How do you use Twitter to help you with your store and your customers?

 @buschpetproduct: I’ve been trying to advertise some promotions on Twitter and I recently participated in a #barkhunt.  I really think there is a great potential with Twitter….I’m always looking for ideas!

 MADI:  Thank you so much for your time today @buschpetproduct, it has been a PAWPLEASURE to learn more about you and your animal family!  We are thrilled to know such a cool and talented Kwitter! (Krtter that Twitters)

 -Madi , The Cat





anything in here for me?

anything in here for me?







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