Tigger & Oatmeal

Here is what happened. I got a duck, he was my duck…all mine. My brofur Madi STOLE him from me when I was sleeping. Not only did he take my duck, he conspired with @Manxington and named MY toy. They came up with Oatmeal; don’t ask me, I had NOTHING to do with that name. Once the duck was named, the duck became Madi’s and I was left out in the cold, devastated with no toy duck. My mommy felt awful and I played into this big time. She went on a shopping spree at her most favorite store SUPPLIES JUST 4 PETS http://www.suppliesjust4pets.com where she promptly purchased me another ducky. A bunch of us Kwitters (Kritters that Twitter) came up with the name Tigger. Isn’t it just the cutest wittle name?!!? So here are the ducks and that is our story. The ducks live in the Kritter Kommunity with us and are BFFs. Mommy is working on a Pond fur them and a wittle Kritter Kondo so they can catch sunbeams with us.

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3 Responses to Tigger & Oatmeal

  1. Manxington says:

    Hi Abi! I not meant for u to be left in cold! *nosetaps* Things seem to happen for a reason. I am happy you have Tigger, as it sounds like Tigger and you are a perfect match! I hope you and Madi get lots of nomming time with the duckies in the Kritter Kondo. Sunbeams and duckies – what more could a kitty ask for!

  2. kritternana says:

    Dear Abi,
    I need advice, ’cause I’m in love with a kitty that doesn’t notice me. What should I do? Would a ducky present work?

  3. Donna Fitzsimmons says:

    ur so cute. would love to play sometime