European Bird Shows Off Sledding Skills

This European bird is proving crows are quite intelligent and even have some tenacity!  He picks his little sled up and goes right back to the top of the roof so he can try to make the slide down even more fun then the previous.  Interesting facts about crows below the video.  What do you think, is he showing off for the camera or in his own little world?

Interesting facts about crows:

  • Crows and ravens are known to be the most adaptable and intelligent bird
  • Crows are omnivorous, they eat whatever is available (sounds like me!  LOL)
  • Crows roost at night in large flocks of up to several thousand during the winter.
  • They thrive in cities and suburban areas where they live in close association with humans.
  • Crows can mimic the sounds of other animals

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