Reasons Guest Blogging will Improve Your Social Network

Guest Blog on Other Sites, Your Social Media Package will Improve

Guest posting is an excellent way to grow your social media reach.   Just like your blog, your articles are a reflection of you and your style, a way to show your audience what you are made of and how you operate.   Here are some benefits you will experience once you start guest blogging.

Improving Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank is one of the most popular ranking systems on the website today.  A very important factor contributing to a solid Google Page Rank are the links coming into your blog.  Not only is the number of links important in determining your page rank, but also the quality and content of where the link is coming from. When you are looking for places to find a home for your article, check the site to make sure it is content rich, has a Google Page Rank at least as high as yours and posts are updated regularly.  It will be key to have key phrases in your article that link to your blog.  For example, if your niche is Fitness, consider adding a link to a phrase that works with one of your most recent posts, like ‘running outdoors’.  Make sure your link is connected to the post in your blog, not just the front page.  Google loves to have good content sites linking to each other, but it needs to be sensible and relevant.

 Improving Alexa Score

Alexa is another very popular ranking system.  Alexa puts a great deal of weight on the number of links into your blog so getting guest posts is a great way to improve your Alexa Score.  A few tips for guest posting.  You are doing a service for the blog you are posting, so don’t be shy; ask your host if they would mind leaving you a review on Alexa in return for such a good quality, content rich blog post.  Usually people are happy to accommodate, and you can even return the favor.  Guest blogging with a link back to your site coupled with a nice Alexa review is well worth the time it takes to write an article for another.

 Branding Yourself as the Expert in Your Niche

As your readers start seeing you on other blogs, they will realize you are serious about your gig.  At the bottom of your article you should always have a short bio, or resource box.  This should have 3-6 sentences that introduce you as the writer, your blog site, and a sentence or two that gives you credibility.  As people see this time and time again, you will be creating your own brand.  Soon you will be getting referrals for your writing and your products or services.  People buy from people they trust.  It is that simple.  Writing articles on other blogs will help you gain that trust with your audience.

 Diversify and Broaden Your Reach

As you continue to write for your own blog, you will obviously pick up new readers and followers.  An even quicker way to broaden your reach is to write for other sites.  Getting on other sites will give you new sets of eyes that come to that blog, and it will also get the exposure from the blog’s Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Triberr accounts.  Your audiences will double, possibly triple or even more by guest blogging.  Your new audience will also be from different areas of the world, different niches, different age groups etc.  This exposure will really diversify and grow your reach.

 Getting on other blogs helps to build strong social media foundations.  For places to blog be sure to check in your Tribes, with your Twitter friends and on Linked In.  These are all wonderful resources to hang your writing hat!

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4 Responses to Reasons Guest Blogging will Improve Your Social Network

  1. When I just had one blog, I used to love guest blogging on other niches – it was fun sharing pet photography tips on a blog about dogs and cats – I would get new readers that wouldn’t have otherwise heard of me.

    Now I have three blogs, each is a passion of mine, but I always look for interesting blogs to contribute too, because there are so many interesting things to write about out there!

    Thanks for this post 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Kim, I bet it is hard to juggle it all. I hope to continue with my routine, but I know as I continue to grow things will shift…..

  3. I enjoy reading your blogs. I have a site for pet memorials. I am learning the ropes and appreciate your info!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Pet Memorials, I will stop over and check out your site as well! Feel free to email me if you ever have any specific questions.