How I Combat Blogger’s Block

  Some days I suffer from severe blogger’s block.  Blogger’s block comes to me in many forms.  Sometimes my mind feels completely blank and I am absolutely positive I have blogged about everything there is to blog about, leaving nothing else in the universe to explore.  Other days I am so completely overwhelmed with all of the topics swirling around my head, I am sure my brain will explode and nothing will ever make it to Kritters that Twitter or the Internet.  Either form of blogger’s block presents the same problem of not being able to blog anything of substance. I have solved both forms of blogger’s block with the same solution.  Free flow pencil pushing and a new surrounding to write.

This morning, like most, I woke up to hungry nibbling kitty cats on my face.  I rolled out of bed and hit the button on the coffee machine.  Ahhh, the smell of coffee, one of my favorite joys of living.  Usually I head directly to my office, click on the computer, feed kitties, clean litter boxes, retrieve coffee, sit at desk in front of my computer.  But today, I just couldn’t I was so tired, and had that gnawing feeling in my head that I would just stare at the computer and get nothing done.  Instead, I fed my kitties, poured my coffee, grabbed my #2 pencil and my notebook and crawled right back into bed.  Madison and Abigail finished their breakfast and were thrilled to crawl back into bed with me.  I started writing.  Practical things at first like a grocery list, each housekeeping item that needed to be done this weekend.  Once I got that out of my system, I flipped my page and began releasing all of the ideas in my head.  Some ideas were half started projects, like deep cleaning the baseboards around my living area floor.  Some ideas were not ideas just yet, but rather questions I had like is there a Triberr Meet Up group in Philadelphia?  Is there a Meet Up group in Philadelphia for Bloggers?  And the other things swirling around my head were topics that I needed to organize and find a home for.  A place for them to relax and wait there turns, or be released of their duties in my head all together.   My pages were filling up fast and my shoulders were releasing, brows were unfolding, clenched teeth were unclenching.  Ahh freedom from being jammed up.

Now that I had unleashed the block, it was time to get organized and find the blog topics within the chaos.  Clearly the journey of this process was a blog topic itself. Next I realized my pet blog readers (many kitty cats) might want to learn about my base board cleaning experience as a black light for cat urine was recently purchased to check for nasty spraying or oops cat messes.  A product review of the light, a product review of the cleaning product, a write up of the cleaning process;  All of these are possible engaging topics for my pet blog.  Done, another topic.

As I continued to organize, I erased and wrote, erased and wrote, erased and wrote.  Finally it was time to have a look at my filled pages and enjoy a second cup of coffee.  Sipping my java, with my kitties next to me, I skimmed through the pages and made my final analysis of it all.  A separate piece of paper was ripped out of my notebook to begin my list of blog topics.  All in all, I had over eight topics that will be wonderful reads for my blog.  In addition, I found four topics that I can use to be a guest blogger on other sites.  I closed my notebook and got out of bed to have a little breakfast.  I never did turn my computer on this morning, and instead left for Pilates, time at the Farmer’s Market and then lunch with friends.  Sometimes a break from the everyday is exactly what is needed to spark fresh ideas, a clear head and a renewed enthusiasm.   I wrote my article for another blog first this evening and am now working on this piece.  Tomorrow or later this week I will continue the typing pace with “5 Places Internet Cats and Dogs Should be Marking their Territories”.

It is such a good feeling to have back the enthusiasm I have for blogging, social media and writing about my pets.  Sometimes a break, and a freestyle approach to my head noise can offer a wonderful world of ideas and inspirations.

“The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching.” Dennis Green

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3 Responses to How I Combat Blogger’s Block

  1. Novroz says:

    I can understand your difficulty.I also have the same problem when my turtles didn’t do anything interesting to share. My own personal blog is not a problem as it is a review blog…but keeping a blog about 2 turtles have a great challenge and possibility of blogger’s block.

    Hope you won’t get stuck in this block too long 😉

  2. Vicki Cook says:

    Boy can I relate to this post! Last week, I officially entered my mid-winter funk and lost my enthusiasm for everything, including blogging. What I really wanted to do is crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head, but what I did was start cleaning out my closets. Sometimes you have to break your routine to get things moving again!

  3. admin says:

    Vicki, cleaning anything out seems to be such a great way to get re focused. Who’d a thought?!!
    I actually took and hour break today and CLEANED the kitchen. It felt great.