Oransi Robby Wash Ball Product Review and Giveaway

Hey guys, this is a product review and giveaway for the Oransi Laundry Wash.  If you are wondering what that means exactly, it is a ball that you toss in your wash machine INSTEAD of using laundry detergent.  Little white pellets that are encased inside the ball release the cleansing agents to clean your clothes.  I used the ball last night for two loads of laundry and I love it.  What I like best is not having to worry about the huge plastic container laundry detergent comes in.  My big bulky container always gets goopy on the sides, takes up a lot of space (which I can't stand living in the city) and then leaves me with a big plastic containter I need to worry about recycling.  WIth the Oransi wash ball, I can say good-bye to all that hassle!  And yes, my clothes DID come out nice and clean.  Included in my box that the ball come in, is a detergent stick that I can use on hard to clean stains.  That will come in very handy as I am always spilling stuff on my shirts and getting dirty outside when I clean up my courtyard and do some planting. 

  • one bag of pellets = approximately 30 loads of laundry
  • you get a total of 12 loads of landry with one ball
  • one Oransi Wash Ball will last one year
  • included with your wash ball is a stain stick for hard to clean soils

I included a nice video and some additional information about the ball below.  Scroll down because the folks over at Oransi are offering one of my readers a free ball in a giveaway!

Versatile: Can be used in both front loading high efficiency washing machines as well as standard top loading machines.  Note:  Be sure to use the wash ball with a full load of laundry as the wash ball can get damaged if run with a very light load.

Note:  Oransi does not manufacture the Robby Wash laundry products, but after testing the Robby Wash cleaning balls against other washing balls as well as traditional laundry detergent, high efficiency laundry detergents and odor removers like Oxi-Clean we have become huge fans and thrilled to be able to exclusively distribute this hypoallergenic laundry type detergent in the US.  Our tests were not conducted in a test lab but rather in personal experience in cleaning the clothes of active teenagers.  Check out the why Robby Wash laundry page to learn more.




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18 Responses to Oransi Robby Wash Ball Product Review and Giveaway

  1. Wanda McHenry says:

    I'd love to have the Ionic Fridge Air Purifer

  2. Lyn says:

    The Iconic Fridge Purifier

  3. SpookyShorty says:

    Mom does a lot of wash cause of my poop issues when I have my gas moments I cannot help it.
    This can help make where I sleep smell great again
    Purrs, Shorty

  4. Luna T. Katt says:

    besides dis cool laundry ball, we'd love to have a Ionic Fridge Air Purifer fur our Humom because she says our food stinks up the fridge MOL

  5. Anna Galanos says:

    Fridge air purifier

  6. KC says:

    I fink I entered, tha computer was doing funny fings… hope so, cause I fink Mom ML needs this to help wif all mine laundry. I loves nice clean-smelling blankies and sheets. Hypo-allergenic sounds like sumfing hers would love.
    It's good to haf yours staff wif tha proper tools to keep us cats nice and comfortable.
    Love & Purrs,

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  8. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    We all can use one of these Iconic Fridge Purifier

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  10. Tabbymom Jen says:

    Ionic fridge air purifier.
    Does anyone else feel blue for warm+cold wash and fushia for cold wash is counter-intuitive? In my head, blue is cold and red is hot.

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  12. UV Air Purifier

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