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If you are a pet lover and also own one, one of the best things you can do for your pet is to show them your love by giving in to their simple pleasures. Aside from the goodies you can buy to give to them, you can always try new stuffs like new pet food, new furniture or new toys that you know will create more purrs as your pet will enjoy.


In this blog, I am to discuss a new pet furniture that I came across from my most loved pet store Chewy. Chewy’s is a real good place to visit and buy your pet’s needs as most items you need, are there. They have cat products, dog products, cat food, dog food, amazing pet treats, pet toys and yes, even a pet condo. Just recently, I bought from them a very nice product called, Armarkat Kitty Cat Indoor Condo. A really great pet furniture that you can keep even outside of the play room. It is a carpeted cat scratcher that my pet Finnegan loves and can’t get enough of. So, here are 5 things I have found that made me love this new pet furniture and made me feel great about getting it.

The first thing I loved about this pet condo is the way it looks. It is gorgeous, adorable and the product matches Finnegan’s other furnitures that are also in light blue color. Aside from this, its stylish appearance makes it a lovely sight to see even if you put it at the living room, as it brightens up the look of your home décor. With its aesthetic design, picky cat owners, will definitely be enticed as this is a must buy.

The next thing that is good about the pet condo is, it is easy to put together. I am not a nail and hammer person, but with its easy to assemble directions along with its screw tool that helps bolt in all the pieces together, assembling the condo on your own is definitely easy breezy! All it takes is 6 minutes, no hammers, no nails — just a sturdy, bolted by screws play condo that even a masculine cat just like Finnegan cannot knock over.


And yes, its sturdiness is also one thing I love! No matter how crazy your cat gets to go up and down the condo, this furniture will definitely not topple over. Cats as we know are territorial in nature, so once they get on to something, they stay and won’t get off it. With my cat who is quite masculine, it is a real good buy as I am assured that the condo won’t topple over when he is on top of it, or it won’t be knocked down, should Finnegan play hard with it. With its durable stance and sturdy material, you are assured of your cat’s health and safety, as well as your pet’s comfort.


The next best thing about this product is its versatility. It is made of carpet that feels real good and cozy for cats to just lay down on; and also of sisal rope that is excellent for cat’s nail filling. Altogether, it is a mix of a cat scratcher and of a cat’s comfy cradle, rolled into one. Just like how cats love cardboard boxes and paper bags, the two furry balls that are dangling right beneath the top flat area makes it a fun way for cats to enjoy and play around on the pet condo, aside from keeping your pet safe healthy and happy.

And the best part of getting the condo? No doubt, my Finnegan definitely loves it! You can see that he never lets it out of his sight and my cat being territorial, wants to be on it all the time.

Again, you can get this great product, known as Armarkat, Kitty Cat Indoor Condo from a trusted pet store called Chewy. They have a very good selection of quality pet stuff, that is truly an investment because the products you buy will surely last longer. One of which is their new product, the Kitty Cat Indoor Condo.

Aside from their great products, another sure winner is their superfast delivery service. They get your orders right to your doorstep as expected, on the date agreed. Moreover, a sure hit is their great customer service! They have reasonable, phenomenal staff that provides the extra mile of being personable to each customer to make sure that your buying experience is a superbly a winner.

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