More Purrs For Your Cat!


If you are a pet lover and also own one, one of the best things you can do for your pet is to show them your love by giving in to their simple pleasures. Aside from the goodies you can buy to give to them, you can always try new stuffs like new pet food, new furniture or new toys that you know will create more purrs as your pet will enjoy.


In this blog, I am to discuss a new pet furniture that I came across from my most loved pet store Chewy. Chewy’s is a real good place to visit and buy your pet’s needs as most items you need, are there. They have cat products, dog products, cat food, dog food, amazing pet treats, pet toys and yes, even a pet condo. Just recently, I bought from them a very nice product called, Armarkat Kitty Cat Indoor Condo. A really great pet furniture that you can keep even outside of the play room. It is a carpeted cat scratcher that my pet Finnegan loves and can’t get enough of. So, here are 5 things I have found that made me love this new pet furniture and made me feel great about getting it.

The first thing I loved about this pet condo is the way it looks. It is gorgeous, adorable and the product matches Finnegan’s other furnitures that are also in light blue color. Aside from this, its stylish appearance makes it a lovely sight to see even if you put it at the living room, as it brightens up the look of your home décor. With its aesthetic design, picky cat owners, will definitely be enticed as this is a must buy.

The next thing that is good about the pet condo is, it is easy to put together. I am not a nail and hammer person, but with its easy to assemble directions along with its screw tool that helps bolt in all the pieces together, assembling the condo on your own is definitely easy breezy! All it takes is 6 minutes, no hammers, no nails — just a sturdy, bolted by screws play condo that even a masculine cat just like Finnegan cannot knock over.


And yes, its sturdiness is also one thing I love! No matter how crazy your cat gets to go up and down the condo, this furniture will definitely not topple over. Cats as we know are territorial in nature, so once they get on to something, they stay and won’t get off it. With my cat who is quite masculine, it is a real good buy as I am assured that the condo won’t topple over when he is on top of it, or it won’t be knocked down, should Finnegan play hard with it. With its durable stance and sturdy material, you are assured of your cat’s health and safety, as well as your pet’s comfort.


The next best thing about this product is its versatility. It is made of carpet that feels real good and cozy for cats to just lay down on; and also of sisal rope that is excellent for cat’s nail filling. Altogether, it is a mix of a cat scratcher and of a cat’s comfy cradle, rolled into one. Just like how cats love cardboard boxes and paper bags, the two furry balls that are dangling right beneath the top flat area makes it a fun way for cats to enjoy and play around on the pet condo, aside from keeping your pet safe healthy and happy.

And the best part of getting the condo? No doubt, my Finnegan definitely loves it! You can see that he never lets it out of his sight and my cat being territorial, wants to be on it all the time.

Again, you can get this great product, known as Armarkat, Kitty Cat Indoor Condo from a trusted pet store called Chewy. They have a very good selection of quality pet stuff, that is truly an investment because the products you buy will surely last longer. One of which is their new product, the Kitty Cat Indoor Condo.

Aside from their great products, another sure winner is their superfast delivery service. They get your orders right to your doorstep as expected, on the date agreed. Moreover, a sure hit is their great customer service! They have reasonable, phenomenal staff that provides the extra mile of being personable to each customer to make sure that your buying experience is a superbly a winner.

#PetLoversTribe Holiday Shopping on Periscope

PetLoversTribHolidayYEP you read it correctly!  A fun Pawliday Holiday Shopping Scope with the most fun animals on Periscope! Follow @Kopiwoda on Periscope to get in on all the fun, and follow the directions below! Oh, and grab your plastic!
The #PetLoversTribe Holiday Shopping
Saturday, December 12 starting at 9am Central

This is going to be a day long event to help people find great gifts for the pet lovers on their shopping list! Each person will have 10 minutes to show and tell viewers about the pet-related products and services you offer. You might even consider offering a special for viewers who make a purchase on that day.

Everyone who participates is asked to make a small donation (from the profits of that day) to your favorite pet charity.

In order to participate you need to complete the registration form. There is limited space, so make sure you register early. #PetLoversTribe members will get first priority, but I will be announcing it to the general Periscope community soon.

For more info, and to register go to

Catatize™ DIY Sign Up PeriShare #CatLovers #Cats


Do you have a fabulous DIY kitty cat toy or product you can share with others?

Would you love to establish a bigger pet community on social media?

Looking for more pet lovers on Periscope?


Submit your application to scope in a PeriShare hosted by PeriPet™ to show other cat lovers a DIY product for kitties that will leave cats purring! Each scoper will get 15 minutes to walk viewers through a DIY catatize project. During the scope you can also let folks know if you have a blog, how to find you on Twitter and how your favorite feline has inspired you!


This is a free PeriShare, however a limited number of scopers will be chosen for the first PeriShare kicking off Wednesday, December 16th at 8:00PM EST. Five scopers will be chosen so the entire PeriShare will last 90 minutes (includes PeriPet scope). In order to pawticipate, you must be available for all scopers! This is a networking opportunity, so showing up and tapping to heart it up for other kitty lovers will be key in the success of each scoper.


*** You must have a Periscope Account

*** Your Twitter account must be linked to the Periscope Account

*** You must be available for the entire 90 minutes

*** You must have a DIY cat project to scope and walk folks through

Scopers will be announced by December 7th, 9:00PM EST!

Catatize™ PeriShare, WHEN: Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 8:00PM – 9:30PM EST


Email Marketing You Can Trust

Periscope Kommericals: #Barkworld 2015 Attendees


Hey folks! Wow, what an amazing time I had at Barkworld 2015! There were so many interesting presentations and workshops provided, incredible speakers, fabulous sponsors and fun loving pets and attendees galore. It was a top notch event, one that just seems to get better and better every year! Finnegan and I were thinking of the best way to bring these wonderful attendees to folks who did not make it to Barkworld this year. We decided to host 10 minute Kommercials on Finnegan’s Periscope Account, @PeriPet™. This is the first line up, we are kicking off bright and early tomorrow!



If you have not heard of Barkworld, this is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the folks who attend and get a glimpse into the fabulous pet conference.

So what should you do to prepare for tomorrow? Grab your pets, your coffee and tune into @PeriPet™ at the scheduled times. ALSO please follow each of the three listed folks above on Periscope. Hearts are generated by tapping on your screen, we love hearts!!! Finn tries to smoosh them with his paw LOL!

See you tomorrow!

Purrs and Wags

Lisa and Finn

Speaker at #Barkworld 2015: A Social Media Extravaganza for Pet Lovers

BW_badge250x250speakingHi guys, who is going to Barkworld this year? I am and I am speaking and can’t wait to meet you in person! I hope you have your fur baby with you too! Leave a comment and let me know if you are going or if you are thinking of going. Guess who has some tickets to offer free as a giveaway?


Announcing PeriPets: Facebook Group Supporting Pet Scopers

peripetssign1Hey folks! Finnegan and I are on Periscope! We will be scoping Periscope tips specific to pet lovers, pet bloggers and pet businesses. Our user name is @KritterKondo and our name is #PeriPets.


We also started a Facebook group for pet friendly folks who are on Periscope. This is a great place to begin developing a following specific to pets. Come join the group for petworking, Periscope tips, scope support and much more!

peripetssigIf you are pet FRIENDLY, you will pretty much fit in great!


See you on Twitter – See you on Periscope!

Crafted Moist Cat Food @Chewys

logo.20130121catfood catfood2


Check out this fancatstic cat food we were able to review for Chewy’s!  Okay, so Finnegan loves loves loves this stuff.  He received roasted tuna & vegetable medley and gobbled it up fast.  Now here is why I love love love it!

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted Roasted Tuna & Vegetable Medley Canned Cat Food, 2.9-oz, case of 24

Ideal Balance Crafted canned foods are made in a new form — shredded natural tuna in mouthwatering gravy. These thoughtfully sourced, authentic ingredients are combined with nutritional expertise and unique slow cooking process so you can give your cat a delicious, perfectly balanced meal. Hill’s prepares the food the way you would, one batch at a time, so you can spend more time making memories with your pet.

Key Benefits

  • Lean protein builds and maintains muscle & provides a rich, fleshy texture your cat will love
  • Helps keep cat’s eyes sharp and maintain healthy vision
  • Helps build muscle for healthy play, and provides a great wholesome taste
  • Provides a rich taste and builds muscle for your cat to jump & play longer
  • Made in Small Batches
  • Slow Cooked
  • Perfectly Balanced Nutrition
  • Made in the USA


Furminator Cat Brush Review @Chewys

FurminatorFinn3Furminator2FinnFurminator1FurminatorFinn2jpgFurminatorFinn3Furminator1Hey guys, check out this pawesome cat brush from Furminator!  Finn was so excited to hear he would be doing a review for Chewy’s and this brush is one of the products.  We LOVE it,  as with all the Furminator products we own.  This brush is especially fabulous because it has a soft bristle side AND a pin side.  Unlike the Furminator deShedding tool, this product is fantastic for removing loose cat hair and even getting out mats and tangles.   Our feedback about this brush?  FANTASTIC!  Lots of purrs and headrubs.  You can get this product at one of our favorite stores!  ENJOY!



Tuna and Duck Devour Me Cat Food @Chewy

OMC OMC OMC OMC when I say Finn and Abigail LOVED their bff pouches from, I mean they LOVED their pouches!  Andrew over at Chewys sent us a pee mail to see if we wanted to do a review on the Tuna and Duck Devour Me Cat Food.  Ummmmm OKAY!  The kitties gobbled up every bit and then came asking for more.

BFF Tuna & Duck Devour Me Recipe in Gravy Cat Food Pouches

I loved this line of food because:

Key Benefits

  • Delicious flavor cats can’t resist
  • Convenient pouches are easy to open
  • Grain-free formula, a common allergy trigger for cats
  • Taurine guards the heart
  • Approximately 62 calories per pouch
  • Can be served as a standalone diet or as a topper for dry food

You can PURchase the cat food here and get free deliver!  ENJOY MEOW!

Lisa, Finn and Abigail

Pet Ambassador Needed at Premium Retail

POSITION OPEN: Pet Ambassador JOB TYPE: Part Time POSITION DESCRIPTION: Build and maintain long-term trusting relationships with retail store associates, retail management, and client management Assist retail customers in answering their questions with courtesy and care Represent the brand in a way that increases brand awareness; creates a specific brand image Builds customer preference Generates sales opportunities Ensure product display is consistent with protocol and plan-o-gram compliance MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE: Minimum requirement of a High School diploma or GED with a preferred 2+ yr. college degree A Minimum of six months training, merchandising and retail sales experience Proven track record of making and maintaining great relationships with accounts Strong presentation skills with small to large groups Representatives must be willing to drive throughout the market on a regular basis and have reliable transportation to do so Ability to stand up to 8 hours per shift and lift a maximum of 30 pounds Have a home computer, printer, and reliable internet access Ability to express ideas clearly in both written and oral communication Must acquire retailer certifications LEARN MORE AT: COMPANY: Today’s consumer has more buying choices than ever. Smart retailers and manufacturers need every edge to compete in today’s marketplace. Premium Retail Services is that edge. Premium acts as an extension of retailers and manufacturers in stores nationwide, ensuring shelves are stocked, product knowledge is conveyed, and technology is solving common retail challenges. And we’ve been doing it since 1985. So no matter the product or category – from vitamins to video games – Premium provides the people, programs and technology to deliver. Premium Retail Services. Results are in store. PREMIUM CAREERS: Retail experience? Check. An unbeatable work ethic? Check. A burning desire to be part of a team absolutely dedicated to delivering results for a who’s who roster of clients? Check. You might be Premium material. Family owned and operated, Premium’s strong and steady growth has made us an industry leader in retail merchandising, assisted sales, field marketing and retail technologies. From our corporate headquarters in the suburbs of St. Louis to the thousands of Premium field representatives working in stores all across the country, the company offers exciting career opportunities in a variety of retail disciplines.

Entry Level Computer Programmer Needed at Big Heart Pet Brands

The Application Engineer will work predominantly to design, build, and evaluate customer-based solutions extending the value of our application environment. The application engineering life cycle includes requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, configuration, implementation, testing, administration, and maintenance of enterprise-level application solutions. The Application Engineer will have an understanding of all segments of the full application engineering life cycle.

•Build application extensions and develop native applications based on business requirements
•Evaluate products available on the force app exchange by accurately summarize their requirements (both functional and systemic) and pushing forward fact based discussions about alternatives and options
•Comply with departmentally established guidelines for development, change, and release management
•Possess a solid understanding of application support functions and service inbound business requests at an acceptable level of customer service
•Coordinate application modifications with various teams
•Work to improve and automate processes for better effectiveness, efficiency, and opportunities for optimization
•Maintain application documentation and assist in generating technical design specifications
•Maintain integrity of applications and systems
•Analyze proposed design changes and perform analysis of issues to determine root causes
•Evaluate costs and benefits of various changes to ensure value and alignment with business strategies
•Ensure that systems remain compliant with requirements and perform upgrades when / where appropriate
•Manage positive internal customer relationships with the business
•Keep current on product trends and technology innovations
•Participate in cross training of peers to ensure adequate coverage of crucial business functions
•All other duties as assigned

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Administration or related field required or equivalent experience.

Years of Experience:0 to 5 years of Information Systems experience.

Human Resources Manager Needed at Big Heart Pet Brands in Bloomsburg, PA

Big Heart Pet Brands, a leader in the pet food industry, has an exciting opportunity for a dynamic leader on our HR team for a Human Resources Manager in our Bloomsburg, PA Distribution Center. The primary purpose of this position is to lead the Human Resources function for the site by serving as a business partner with a focus on:

*Labor relations
*Employee relations
*Performance management
*Talent planning
*Benefits administration
*Administration and compliance to State and Federal regulations, and training.


*Successful candidate must have 5-7 years progressive Human Resources generalist experience in a unionized environment with direct labor relations experience.

*Previous experience with employee benefits, recruitment, compensation, performance management, training, and administration of State and Federal regulations are required.

*Qualified candidate will have the ability to work strategically and tactically in an HR capacity and demonstrate strong leadership skills.

*Strong computer skills including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word required.

*The availability to work all shifts, weekends and holidays is required.

*Pre-employment drug test and background verification required.

Education: A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or a related field is required.

We Offer:

* Competitive salary
* Comprehensive benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision, 401(k) and Pension Plan

Big Heart Pet Brands is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Fetch Seeking a Marketing Manager in NYC

Fetch is looking for a highly motivated, PROACTIVE, energetic & organized person to lead our marketing department.
Responsibilities Include:

* Trade Advertising

* Brand Marketing Strategy & Implementation

* PR & Social Media

* Manage Company Website

* Research and develop markeitng plans for new brands

* Develop strategies to reach independent pet retailers

Salary Range approx $60k DOE.

Perfect Pooch Needs an Animal Care Attendant in Philadelphia

Essential Job Functions

  • Feeding and providing water to animals; selecting and preparing appropriate types and quantities of food as noted by owners
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining sanitary conditions of kennels, cages, corrals, grounds, equipment, and facilities
  • Bathing, grooming, and preparing animals
  • Providing excellent and friendly customer service to owners when they call or come into the facility
  • Maintaining simple records related to daily animal care and conditions
  • Collecting fees and issue receipts, as needed
  • Picking up supplies needed at the pet store

Requirements and Qualifications

  • High School graduate or equivalent
  • A valid Driver’s License
  • A Friendly and outgoing demeanor
  • Appointees may be required to work any shift, including evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Must love animals

PETCO Seeks a Dog Groomer in Upper Darby, PA

Pet Stylist (Dog Groomer) – Apprentice

Primary Location

: United States-Pennsylvania-UPPER DARBY-7901 Lansdowne Ave (2897) 

Work Locations

7901 Lansdowne Ave (2897) 
7901 Lansdowne Ave 


Our vision at Petco is Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better World. We’re making things better for pets, people and the planet through our Think Adoption First philosophy, the Petco Foundation and other important initiatives that focus on putting animals first, educating pet parents and reducing our carbon footprint. The journey starts with knowledgeable, passionately engaged associates who are proud to recommend Petco as a place to work, who believe in our Vision and who are committed to delivering a superior customer experience.

From our retail stores and our network of Distribution Centers to our Corporate offices, you’ll work with others who share your values and commitment. We seek individuals who are passionate about animal welfare, have great people skills and are driven to grow and advance in their careers with us. Our ongoing growth is creating exceptional opportunities for professional development and personal enrichment throughout our organization.
Position Purpose:
To receive technical training from Petco’s Professional Pet Stylist Program.  This job function is composed of a few different tasks that may be covered by operational guidelines, and while individual judgment may occasionally be required in order to complete assigned tasks, most questions are directed to either the Pet Stylist, Grooming Salon Manager or General Manager.
Essential Job Functions:
Through previous background and experience the candidate must demonstrate, with or without an accommodation, the ability to…
  • Interact professionally and effectively through verbal and written communication with all  professional contacts with emphasis on company interests
  • Independently prioritize and accomplish multiple tasks within established timeframes
  • Interest in animal welfare
  • Move animals and merchandise up to 50 pounds
Supervisory Responsibility:
Work Environment:
Because the majority of job duties are performed at individual store locations, care must be taken to observe and promote established safety policies.
If appropriate may have to travel to Mentor Salon and partner will be paid expenses per Travel, Meeting, and Event & Entertainment Policy I-09-02

Clever Kitty Cats

I wish I could get Abigail to do this for Finnegan so I could have a break!

Vet Tech Needed in Washington D.C.


Veterinary Technician Positions: ICU and Radiology

About the Job

Friendship Hospital for Animals, Washington, DC

About The Position
For this position we are seeking highly skilled veterinary technicians with the ability to work in a fast paced emergency and critical care environment, providing top quality, compassionate nursing care for ICU patients.​ We are also seeking qualified Veterinary technicians to work within our radiology department alongside board-certified radiologists.​ These positions are full-time and may include weekends; specific days and shifts to be determined.​

About The Hospital

Friendship Hospital for Animals provides high quality, compassionate veterinary care to the dogs and cats of the Washington DC Metro area.​  We are a large and growing practice providing wellness care, urgent and emergency care, hospitalization, as well as medical specialties such as oncology, neurology, cardiology, internal medicine and orthopedic surgery.​  We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.​  In addition to providing clients and their pets the highest quality of medicine and service, Friendship Hospital is also a fun and rewarding place to work and grow.​  We offer competitive wages and generous benefits including health and dental insurance, a 401 K plan, discounted veterinary services, training and continuing education, wellness benefits, paid time off and more.​  We are looking for experienced ICU Veterinary Technicians who would like a rewarding and team oriented work environment.​

Apply by via our website.​ EOE.​

Human Resources
4105 Brandywine Street NW
Washington, DC20016  202-363-7300 (p)


Simons Veterinary Hospital in Lake Worth Florida is Seeking a Pet Resort Staff Expert


Great Benefits for the Pet-Lover!

Simmons Veterinary Hospital and The Barkers Hotel, voted “Best Place to Work 2008” are award-winning pet care and resort facilities dedicated to providing the finest companion animal services to our discerning clientele.​ Our staff of 80+​ employees enjoys a dynamic work environment dedicated to animal wellness.​ We offer competitive benefits including health, dental and life insurance, Paid Time Off and opportunities for continuing education and advancement.​

We are looking for energetic, devoted and responsible individuals to care for our animals.​ As a member of the hotel staff you are expected to feed, water, bathe and exercise animals.​ Staff members ensure animals play and provide companionship to them.​ They carefully observe our four-legged guests, record their condition, and report any problems.​  

The perfect candidate will be detail-oriented with a solid work ethic, able to multi-task, and possess a great team spirit while enjoying an environment dedicated to the health and well-being of companion animals!