Writers and Bloggers in the Pet Industry! Step Up Your Game with these Five Resources


There are some very valuable resources many bloggers and writers in the pet industry take advantage of to network and gain exposure for their published articles. Two networking events, Barkworld and BlogPaws are excellent venues to find contacts, collaborate, and learn new blogging techniques through workshops. But what about unique activities you want to be doing daily, weekly and monthly to step up your game and separate yourself from the ‘pack’?  These five resources can absolutely help your pet writing career!

  1. LinkedIn

Yes, I realize you already have a profile on LinkedIn and lots of juicy contacts with a few recommendations. But now step it up and publish an article on LinkedIn to gain even more exposure and give you yet another writing sample for your portfolio. How do you go about doing this? It is simple, click on the link http://specialedition.linkedin.com/publishing/?trk=eml-mktg-opp-m-invite-0219-linkshare and get to work!  Good luck, and please send me an email when you are published.  I’ll brag about you in other articles and through my social networking channels!

  1. Women in the Pet Industry Network

This is one obviously intended for women only.   I especially like the idea of this pet industry specific network because it seems pretty focused. Their main goals are to cultivate ideas, goals and partners. They have monthly conference calls that are a great way to stay connected and motivated. Check out this network and be sure to ask them (before you join) if there is a way to write an article for them and get it in front of their members.  Even if the say no, they will probably have some other ideas for you!

  1. MeetUp.com

I absolutely love MeetUp for networking, but there are ways to use it to gain exposure for your writing. For instance, once you become involved with your MeetUp (if you are not already) ask the organizer if you can write a handout for the next MeetUp. Your handout can be lessons that are specific to the MeetUp, a description of the MeetUp or a creative description of something that ties in to the MeetUp. For instance, if your MeetUp is a small dog MeetUp, provide an article that reviews your favorite toys for dogs under 15lbs. At the end of your article, have a bio box with your contact information and let them know you offer freelance services! This is free advertising!

  1. Chicken Soup for the Soul

Go to their website and hop on the email distribution list. Now that you have signed up for their announcements and emails, go back to the website and browse their possible book topics, which is in the submit your story section. They frequently update this section. See if there are any topics that spark a pet story within your heart. Even if no dog or cat themed stories are listed, your story can include your pets in a different topic. They also update this section regularly. How totally pawesome would it be to get your story published in one of their pet themed books? Oh, these are paid gigs too!

  1. EzineArticles.com

If you do not already know about EzineArticles.com check out my article “Four Incredible Ways EzineArticles will Dramatically Help Your Small Business.” Now that you are convinced, make it a goal to become a diamond writer in the pet category. This is a great way to show off your writing talent, gain overall exposure and perhaps get hired for some freelance work!

Aligning your goals with your resources is key to implementing a strategy that will greatly improve your results. Be sure to make specific timelines in your journal so your daily tasks will help you achieve your writing goals. Stay positive and active, so your creative juices will continue flow and take you on a journey specific to you!






Customer & Development & International Coordinator at Nature’s Variety Needed in St Louis

Job description


Company Description: Nature’s Variety® (NV) is a fast growing natural and holistic pet food company.  NV is a leader in marketing nutritious raw frozen diet, kibble, can, and treats for dogs and cats.  The company’s brands include Instinct®, Prairie®, and SweetSpots®.  NV’s company purpose is to empower people to transform the lives of pets.  In order to accomplish this, we are committed to hiring and developing a team of passionate, performance oriented professionals who love to win and make a difference.

Position Summary:  This position will play a key role in supporting the international department primarily by coordinating document collection, assembly and submissions for the International regulatory processes.  A focus will be on ensuring company awareness and adherence to various international regulations.  This position will build strong relationships with distributors and regulatory agencies. In addition this role will help support Customer Development by processing incoming orders, shipments and invoices along with performing other administrative duties as needed.

Part Time Contract Recruiter

Royal Canin, a division of Mars Global Petcare, is a global leader in pet health nutrition. In an industry that continues to adapt to popular trends in cat and dog food, our mission will remain the same; to constantly bring, through Health Nutrition and shared knowledge, the most precise nutritional solution for cats’ and dogs’ health nutrition needs, by building on constantly deepened scientific knowledge and Royal Canin’s roots in the feline and canine professional networks.

The role of the part-time contract recruiter is to support the Talent Acquisition department with staffing needs.

  • Drive recruiting efforts to match qualified candidates with professional and management positions across all functional areas within Royal Canin US
  • Primarily work directly with hiring managers while partnering with the P&O business leads to understand business priorities, talent gaps and identify staffing needs
  • Coordinate interviews and book travel for candidates interviewing for open roles
  • Work collaboratively with hiring managers to develop selection criteria and identify qualified candidates
  • Internal and external sourcing and screening of candidates from multiple sources to include Candidate Tracking System (Taleo), Job Boards, Social Networking tools (i.e., LinkedIn), and cold calling as necessary
  • Deliver against recruitment strategy & activities/plans
  • Ensure staffing practices are compliant with all employment policies and processes, legal requirements and meet business priorities
  • Offer consultation and completion, including (when applicable) background checks, relocation/immigration, and other hiring processes.
  • Support effective on-boarding efforts
  • Build relationships with candidate pools and ensures timely communication regarding placement decisions

Nestle Purina Seeks Sales Consultant in Hartford, CT

Job description

WHY PURINA: Nestlé Purina PetCare Company is a leader in the pet products industry, dedicated to enriching the lives of pets and the people who love them. Our passion for pets is matched only by our passion for the business. Innovation and inspiration fill the halls of every Nestlé Purina office. We are pioneers. Our processes are revolutionary. Our pursuit of excellence is persistent. We believe that our people are the source of our competitive advantage, and as we invest in our people, we invest in our shared future. That’s why we’re a global leader in the pet care category and recently named a 2014 Best Place to Work by one of the world’s largest online career communities – Glassdoor.


Primarily responsible for the development of Purina’s business within the Veterinary Channel in their assigned geography.  Represent and build Purina, advocacy for Purina and create a positive Purina experience (PPE) across their area.  Deliver exceptional service to all key targets and clinics.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Purina expertise:   Be an expert on Purina (our company, products, programs, mission, philanthropic efforts, etc.).  Utilize that knowledge to drive support for Purina across assigned responsibilities in the veterinary channel.

Identify and develop key individuals (targets) within the veterinary channel   These targets can include key clinic Doctors in Veterinary Medicine (DVMs), Technicians or other industry people as agreed to with your Region Manager.  Primarily responsibility is to advance Purina, develop a positive Purina experience (through product usage, messaging, programs, etc.) and provide high levels of service to these key individuals to assist in advancing Purina.

Develop and enhance the Positive Purina Experience (PPE) within assigned geography.  Includes selling Purina Veterinary Diets (PODs – points of distribution), conducting IHTs (Purina “influenced”), selling at the clinic level on key Purina program participation (Purina for Professional (P4P), Partners in Wellness (PiW), Project Pet Slim Down (PPSD), etc.) and other assigned actions that help develop the foundational support to allow Purina to advance.

Purina Products Expertise: develop a level of expertise beyond therapeutic diets that demonstrates and provides confidence to key target individuals and clinics on Purina.  Areas of knowledge should include:  therapeutic, wellness, broad Purina portfolio brands and others product and Purina areas developed or assigned.  Central to this is the advancement of Purina and the concepts of wellness and well-being.

Execute business fundamentals against clinics, key individuals distributor reps and other assigned responsibilities that create the PPE.  This can include all daily business matters that require attention including, but not limited to:  clinic level inquiries or issue resolution, distributor rep management, product support, selling programs, products or concepts, etc.

Operate within all assigned budgets and execute all administrative duties, including performance evaluation (TPMS) responsibilities on time and completed.

OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Must be able to travel, including overnight as needed to manage the assigned territory. Must have reliable transportation in order to manage the assigned territory. You are required to have a valid state drivers license and carry automobile insurance in the following amounts:

$100,000   bodily injury liability per person $300,000   bodily injury liability per occurrence $50,000     property damage


Hartford, CT

Must reside within territory.


The State of Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County) to Springfield/Chicopee, MA.

Overnight travel as needed for business purposes.



Sales, Consultant, Veterinary Sales

Natural Balance Platefuls



Hey guys,

The folks over at Chewys.com sent us Natural Balance Platefuls to try.  Abigail and Finnegan LOVE LOVE these.  These yummies are by far their favorite test food so far.







Here is why I am so psyched about this cat food:

  • Complete and balanced for all breeds of adult cats
  • Cats love the taste!
  • Grain-Free formula
  • Great for skin & coat
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • No corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors or colors
  • Convenient pouches are easy to open
  • Can be served as a standalone diet or as a topper for dry food
  • Made in the USA!

Also, they come in cat food pouches, which I love!  ENJOY

How to Reignite the Muse in Your Meower: Unique Ideas to Inspire Writing for Your Cat Blog

FinnLionKingFBIf you are a cat blogger, this post is for you!  Our favorite felines can be an endless resource to tap for blogging topics.  Just like everything else however, our fun loving kitties can dry up and suddenly seem like cat loaves; having a staring contest with you, expressionless, motionless, meow less.  The once inspiring muse has fizzled.  Your cat has gone on strike leaving you with nothing new to say about the feline world.  What to do?  Check out the five ideas below to get that engine purring. Your meower will never be muse less again!

Practice Fierce Cat Brainstorming

Grab your favorite flavor tea or a cup of java, your writing journal and get comfortable.  Now write five adjectives that come to mind when you think of your kitty cat and five nouns that come to mind when you think of his favorite things to do.  I will use my crazy cat Finnegan as an example and start:









cat toys

cat treats

Fancy Feast moist cat food

Kritter Kozy blanket

Take one adjective and one noun to create a new topic for a blog post.  For example, I could write, “Five Cat Toys that will keep Your Cat Happy, Healthy and Energetic” or “Does Your Cat have a Favorite Blanket?” “Five Black and White Photos of Adorable Cats with their Blankets” (this would be a great one for B & W Sunday blog hops).  Start with five words so you don’t get overwhelmed, but feel free to keep the list growing!  Use a separate sheet of paper for your topic titles as they come to you.  As your creative juices start flowing, let loose and free flow write any other topics as they come to mind (and they will!)  For example from this brainstorming exercise, I have also thought of “A Comparison of Five Top Moist Cat Foods” and “Five DIY Image Conscience Cat Ideas” You get the idea, have fun and let the titles soar!

Purrchase New Cat Products

Yep, sounds easy enough right?  Just be sure to get new toys, not new old toys.  This means toys and products your cat has never seen before.  Perhaps it is time for that new-carpeted cat condo you have your eye on?  Or maybe you can check out Etsy for some homemade goodies!  Once you have the new products, grab your camera and snap lots of photos of your kitty checking them out for the first time.  From this you can do a product review, or be inspired by the product itself.  If you buy a new cat condo and put it by the window, a new topic to write about can be “How to Keep an Indoor Cat Entertained” with your kitty sitting proudly in his new condo watching birds fly by.  If you are on a low budget, check out Amazon.com for free shipping opportunities.

Walk to the Dog Park

Yes, I said DOG park.  Bring your writing journal and make note of all the things the dog’s do that your cat does not do.  When you get home you can make a dog vs. cat infograph.  Be sure to take your camera!  If you are handy with Photoshop, you can include your kitty cat to the dog park photos and make a comic post!

Become a Feline Interviewing Diva

Grab that writing journal again and start writing down all the people you can interview.  Now give one or two a call and set up an interview. This is also a great way to get out and about, away from the computer, and stimulate your creative senses.  There are some obvious pet people you can interview in your area for your blog like your cat veterinarian, local pet store owner and of course the local cat shelter.  Perhaps there are potential interviewees that are not so obvious, like your cat sitter or a cat foster parent.  The topics within each interview are endless, and the interview itself will make a great post!  Vlogging (video blogging) can make it extremely easy too. If you have cat specialists you want to interview that are not in your area, consider Skype, telephoning or emailing as ways to conduct the conversation. Just be sure to have your questions laid out prior to the interview. Preparation is key to a good interview.

The biggest challenge with re-igniting your kitty muse will be keeping up with all the ideas and opportunities that will manifest from these exercises. Having a writing journal specifically designated for blog topics is a must have, it will be filled up before you know it. Blog on!






Bird Seeks Lots of Attention from Kitty Cat

Program Manager Needed at Veterinary Pet Insurance

VPI has a great opportunity for a full-time Project/​Program Manager to join our team.​

VPI provides an attractive and competitive salary, benefits (Includes: Medical, dental, vision, 401-k, Retirement, time off), and best of all, VPI is a fun place to work.​ Awarded the Orange County Best Places to Work in 2010, 2011 and 2012.​

“VPI has been in business since 1980 and is the nation’s oldest, largest & most experienced licensed pet medical insurance provider offering services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.​ The company’s vision is to be “The trusted choice of America’s Pet Lovers.​” We feel that our values will guide our behavior, procedures, business decisions and relationships by emphasizing on Passion, Integrity, Respect and Courage.​ Our plans offer services for dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets to receive service for thousands of medical conditions, routine vaccinations and routine care as well.​


The information between the asterisks contains specific information about this position while the information after the asterisks contains general information about jobs in this job family at VPI.​


Consultant – Business Project Mgr position

The consultant position is a full-time position with VPI and will work directly with Senior level Executives on developing and supporting strategic vision and serves as a top-level contributor and lead for the most complex business transformation initiatives.​ In addition to providing overall project governance (cross-functional, matrix style management and oversight of projects across the enterprise), the position will be responsible for leading major process modeling, analysis, and business/​service architecture design efforts.​ They will be expected to contribute in developing compelling business rationale to formulate a basis for transforming the business in alignment with strategic objectives.​ A consultant within the SIO will be able to provide business performance management, organizational/​process design, and business risk management capabilities to formulate pragmatic, forward facing, and actionable business transformation plans.​ The position will coordinate efforts to solve the most complex business problems by innovative application of technology.​ They will lead efforts to establish a common understanding of the business environment in which a project (or solution) must be defined, designed, created, deployed, used and supported.​ The position will have a strong understanding of change management principles such as ADKAR.​ This position will be required to develop the highest level understanding of business processes, systems, organizational structure, and industry requirements.​

Pet Care Supervisor Needed at Pet Me Scratch Me in La Crosse, WI

Pet Care Supervisor

About the Job

Part/​Full time Supervisor openings! Pet Me Scratch Me is an 8+​ year old locally owned business involving all aspects of pet care.​ We are currently looking for energetic, driven, professional individuals with at least 1 year of supervisory experience.​ These positions are responsible for all aspects of operations including dog care, supervising/​training/​motivating staff, customer service, retail sales/​stocking, store and equipment maintenance, and cleaning.​ This is a very fast paced environment and applicants must be able to multitask and handle stress.​ Hands on work with dogs of all sizes is part of the job so applicant must possess an extreme love of dogs.​ Must be able to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis.​ We offer a competitive wage, paid vacation, paid holidays and a fun work environment with an opportunity to grow.​ Please email your resume and hours of availability to: stacy@​petmescratchme.​com

Doggy Daycare Assistant Needed in Tomball, TX

Doggy Daycare Assistant

About the Job

We are accepting applications for full time doggy daycare assistants.​  Must be able to understand all types of dog behavior and know how to handle accordingly.​  Assistants are responsible for making sure all dogs interact in a safe manner and be able to identify and correct inappropriate behavior.​  Other duties include but are not limited to maintaining a safe, clean and sanitary daycare area, greeting customers, and playing with dogs.​

Knowledge of pack behavior and/​or prior experience in the pet industry a plus but not mandatory.​  Excellent experience for those interested in a dog training career.​

Kitty Cat Car Seat Covers

Oh how I love these!
Check them out on The Cat Network, Inc. Facebook Page.  MEOW!

The Pawington is Seeking a Pet Handler in San Francisco


About the Job

The Pawington, the Bay Areas premier pet resort, is seeking candidates for our pet handler position.​ Pet Handlers will work with both our dog and cat pet guests.​ Seeking both full and part time positions.​ We are looking for someone who takes their work very seriously and wants to provide pets with a safe and happy environment.​

Weekends and Holiday required.​ THIS IS NOT A SEASONAL, SUMMER, or TEMPORARY POSITION.​ We are open 7 days a week/​ 365 days a year, flexibility in your schedule is a must.​

*Dog Handlers are responsible for supervising dog daycare (both large and small dogs)
*Monitor dog behavior and group play (15+​ dogs in a pack environment)
*Must be able to multitask and be attentive to details
*Be familiar with a wide variety of dog breeds and their characteristics.​
*Clearly communicate with other staff members and clients.​
*Clean up after pets and properly sanitize
*Provide daily reports to pet parents.​
*Excellent communication and time management skills
*There is a lot of cleaning, not limited to: laundry, cleaning suites, washing dishes, floors, windows
*Feed and medicate animals
*Must be able to remember pet parents and dogs names as well as behaviors.​
*Brusher/​bather experience is a plus

APPLY HERE for The Pet Handler

Key works: pet, pets, animals, dog, cat, dogs, cats, part-time, full-time, pet care, kennel, pet hotel, dog daycare, doggie day care, pet resort

PetSmart Seeks an District Manager in Bethal, PA

Jobs for Pet Lovers at PetSmart

The Operations Manager is responsible for the direction, coordination and evaluation of a particular department within the Distribution Center.

The ideal candidate establishes strong relationships with business partners to deliver high quality service to all stakeholders and DC associates.

This leader will direct and oversee a team of 9-21 associates and 2 Supervisors, providing the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the assigned district.  The individual is responsible for the overall leadership and development of Supervisors within the distribution center and is responsible for coaching and building an independent, committed, high performing team, dedicated to achieving results and driving company strategies:  Delighting The Customer, Achieving Operating Excellence.

The Operations Manager will partner closely with the DC leadership team as the voice of his/her assigned DC, and this individual will need to build and maintain strong relationships across the organization.



Registered Veterinary Technician

Job description

Summary: Registered Veterinary Technicians are responsible for providing superior client service and patient care. The technician must be able to pay attention to detail and respond quickly and calmly in critical situations. The technician must have the ability to communicate with veterinarians and co-workers to maintain MedVet’s high standards of care.


  • Cleans, cares for, sets up and assists in the use of all equipment.
  • Client communication:
    • By phone or in person.
    • Advising veterinarians of client concerns.
    • Advising veterinarians when care costs approach estimated cost limits.
    • Giving clients updates via the phone.
    • Delivering veterinarian messages and updates to clients.
    • Discharge patients and reviews veterinarian’s release instructions with the client.
  • Communicates with pharmacies and RDVM’s.
  • Enters all hospital charges accurately and completely in a timely manner.
  • Makes daily cage sheets and keeps them current.
  • Performs treatments.
  • Walks, feeds and cleans patients.
  • Cleans cages as needed.
  • Performs blood draws, collect urine and fecal samples.
  • Places IVs and catheters.
  • Administers injections.
  • Carries out clinical duties with assigned veterinarian.
  • Assists with euthanasia.
  • Performs Radiology duties.
  • Cleans areas following procedures, treatments or exams.
  • Performs histories and physicals for appointments.
  • Utilizes the head technician, supervising veterinarian, or Clinical Manager as a resource.
  • Assist in the preparation of patients, instruments, equipment and medications for procedures.
  • Assists with appointments.
  • Ability to drive the service and client service process.
  • Ability to prioritize caseload and patient care.

Five Tips to Help You Land a Job in the Pet Industry


The American Pet Products Association estimates $58 billion will be spent in the United States on pets in 2014. We not only spend money on our fascinating and endearing companions, we consider them part of our family. With this upward trending focus on pets, it stands to reason there is also an upward rise in pet specific careers in the US and a parallel pursuit for the opportunity to work in the pet industry. Just like any other industry, an individual can prepare a thoughtful plan to penetrate the pet job market.

The below five tips will help land you a job related to pet products or services and help strengthen your chosen career path.


  1. Prepare a Pet Specific Resume

If you have not landed your first job in the pet industry, now is the time to edit your resume and make it pet friendly. Add any and all pet related jobs you have had, including pet sitting your neighbor’s kitty cat while they were on vacation. Be sure to include any rescues you have volunteered for, animal shelters and community pet related festivals. Put a personal bio at the bottom of your resume including any pets you have now, and the ones you grew up with. Pet related companies want to know you love animals! List any groups and organizations you are or have been active with in the past. You want your resume to reflect your dedication to animals and the experience you have with them.


  1. Identify and Contact the Top Five Companies of Your Choice

Make a list of the top companies you would love to work for. Use your list to do some research and ask around about their reputation. Identify the culture, pay, and management style. Check out on line employee reviews such as Glassdoor, for feedback on the companies from an employee’s perspective. Use your research to decide which five companies best match your personality and contact all of them. Use friends, family and business associates to give you an introduction. Linked In is also a great resource to get names of key people in human resources and management. Please note, blindly contacting someone on Linked In is NOT the way to approach a company. Use it as a tool, not as your avenue to get your foot in the door unless you already are connected or know someone very well who is connected. No cold calling is the rule of thumb, using Linked In for a job. Once you identify job opportunities and key contacts, send a nice cover letter letting them know your skill set. If you have a contact helping you network, be sure to utilize that person as your introduction. Have them introduce you if possible. Know what you are looking for in advance so you can help them help you.


  1. Identify and Contact Several Pet Specific Headhunters

Find recruiters who work at placing individuals in the pet industry like the Vet Recruiter. If you know people who work in the pet industry already, ask them if they can refer you to anyone. Linked In and Google are also good resources for your recruiter search. Speak with the recruiter before sending your resume so you can determine if she is a good match for you. Know what type of job you are looking for before speaking with the recruiter. Your new recruiter will need to know as much as possible to identify ideal opportunities for you!


  1. Petwork, Petwork, Petwork

Just like any other industry, the pet industry has some great ways to network. Get out there and meet folks who already work with animals, and especially those who have jobs you’d love to have! A great place to start is with your own Veterinarian. He may have ideas and knowledge about career fairs, key contacts and even job openings you can pursue. Do some general interviewing of your Vet by asking how he started in the pet industry and any tips he may have for you. Check out career fairs in your area ahead of time by looking at the list of companies that will be attending. Join groups on Linked In that are specific to pets and animals like Pet Professionals. Check out their job board and start to become active in discussions. Get your name out there and become friendly with other people who could very well be your key connection or future colleague!

  1. Sign up for Job Boards that Email You Opportunities

Signing up for a job board that emails you opportunities is probably one of the easiest ways to become familiar with what’s out there and who is hiring. You can read your list from the comfort of your own computer at your leisure too. Kritters that Twitter emails job openings in the pet industry a few times a month and also tweets them from @KritterKondo. To receive the emails with job openings, sign up here. Other job boards that will send pet specific openings to your email are Beyond.com and Monster.com.

These tips should get you started in the right direction. Keep your focus on your goals, but remember to keep a good peripheral view for any opportunities that start falling in your lap. The energy you will send out will also work itself! Happy hunting.




Lisa Illman, EzineArticles Basic Author

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Pet Nutrition Specialist Needed at Nutro Company in Bergen County, NJ

Quality. Responsibility. Mutuality. Efficiency. Freedom. Unusual values for a $5 billion company? Not at Mars North America! The Five Principles of Mars have inspired us for over 90 years. More than a statement of values, they are the explanation for our success and the formula for our future.

We stand apart because we are a global leader in the food, snack and petcare industries and one of the most successful family-owned businesses in the world. Currently, we are looking for qualified, diverse individuals to apply for the following position:

Are You a Natural Sales Person That Has a Natural Passion for Pets?

At the Nutro Company, our brands, Natural Choice ®, Ultra ®, Max ® and Greenies ™, aim to provide Natural Solutions for pets.  We are looking for a pet food consultant to sell The Nutro Company brands to consumers in pet specialty stores throughout your area.   As a part-time Pet Nutrition Specialist, you will interact with dog and cat lovers to achieve sales growth of The Nutro Company brands.



Recruiting Coordinator Needed for Chewy

Recruiting Coordinator

About the Job

Chewy. ​com is growing and to achieve that growth, our technical recruiting team is looking for a creative Recruiting Coordinator to own the logistics and overall experience of technical recruiting at Chewy.​ Your responsibilities will include coordinating phone interviews and on-site interviews, developing the engineering candidate experience, and pinpointing areas of improvement in our current recruiting processes and methods.​
•Coordinating phone interviews and on-site interviews
•Develop the candidate experience
•Propose and implement ongoing innovations and improvements to recruitment process
•Maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality at all times.​
•Regularly connects with new hires to ensure a great candidate experience translates to a great employee experience.​
Desired Skills and Experience
•College Degree
•Impeccable organizational skills and attention-to-detail
•Calendar management skills
•Experience in optimizing processes and increasing efficiency
•Clear and concise communication skills
•Strong passion for technology and start-ups
•Go-getter attitude and appreciation of fun in the workplace
•An extremely high sense of urgency and ability to work in fast-paced, ever-changing environment.​
•Savvy with the latest tech and tools
•1-2 years of recruiting coordination experience
•Prior experience at a fast-growing start-up
About Chewy.​com
Chewy. ​com is a fun, fast paced and rapidly growing online pet food retailer based in Fort Lauderdale delivering pet happiness while celebrating and honoring the bond, love and connection we share with pets.​ We do this by providing quality pet products to our customers in a fast and easy way.​ You don’t have to be a pet parent to join the Chewy.​com team, but it sure helps!
Our team members are passionate about delivering incredible service to our customers from the moment they find us online to the moment they find our products delivered right to their doorstep (for free with any order of $49 or more).​  And we are passionate about our team members.​ They get to work with the best and brightest talent in South Florida all dedicated to building a great business for loyal customers while making the lives of pets and pet parents a little bit better!  Chewy.​com is the kind of place where every team member makes an impact on the business and can feel the difference they are making each and every day.​ And we get to do all of this while working in a brand new space minutes from the ocean.​
Chewy. ​com lives and breathes pets and bottom line we deliver pet happiness – and there’s nothing really better than that.​  If you think you have what it takes to be a part of something extraordinary, send your resume and a well written note to enuse@​chewy.​com and tell me why should join our team because we are hiring!


Veterinarian Needed in Jacksonville, Florida


About the Job

Veterinarian req’d to diagnose & treat diseases in small animals and exotic pets in fast-paced Clinic.​ Must be able to independently perform procedures incl.​ spay/​neuter, dentistry, soft tissue & orthopedic surgeries.​ Required: Florida State Vet Licensure and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree or alternatively, a foreign equivalent education accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association as DVM equivalent.​ Mail resumes to Baymeadows Animal Hospital LLC, Attn: HR, 8505 Baymeadows Rd.​, Jacksonville, FL 32256

PetSmart Seeks a Retail Pet Products Manager in Witchita, KS

Retail Pet Products Manager at PetSmart


Fetch your future! If you’re passionate about pets and want to build a challenging career with the leading pet retailer, why not combine your love for pets with a rewarding career at PetSmart? PetSmart is a dynamic Fortune 500 company that provides a broad range of competitively priced pet food and pet supplies, as well as grooming, pet training and pet adoption services.  With more than 1,200 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and over 185 in-store PetsHotel dog and cat boarding facilities and Doggie Day Camps, PetSmart is the nation’s largest specialty retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. 

We are currently seeking candidates that desire a challenging and rewarding career providing exceptional customer service, working as part of a team, and providing care to all pets and their parents. We provide an extensive training program and are seeking candidates who support our vision to provide Total Lifetime Care for every pet, every parent, every time.
Pet Product Manager
The Pet Product Manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure that product is displayed and available for the customer in a timely manner.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of the pets in our care
  • Replenishing dog and cat consumables and hard goods
  • Providing a positive customer experience
  • Developing the team through coaching, training, performance reviews, etc.
  • Controlling shrink through proper receiving practices
  • Processing freight in an accurate and timely manner

Minimum Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Minimum three years related experience working in a retail environment, minimum two years management experience OR equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Comfortable operating various systems including:  Microsoft Office, SAP, etc. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Our great benefits include:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Comprehensive health plan: medical, dental, vision
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • 401K/savings plan
  • Discount on PetSmart products and services
  • Opportunities for career advancement

PetSmart is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce, sustaining an inclusive and supportive work environment, and prohibiting harassment and discrimination in all aspects of employment. PetSmart participates in background, drug and E-Verify screenings as appropriate under Company policies and applicable law.