Periscope Kommericals: #Barkworld 2015 Attendees


Hey folks! Wow, what an amazing time I had at Barkworld 2015! There were so many interesting presentations and workshops provided, incredible speakers, fabulous sponsors and fun loving pets and attendees galore. It was a top notch event, one that just seems to get better and better every year! Finnegan and I were thinking of the best way to bring these wonderful attendees to folks who did not make it to Barkworld this year. We decided to host 10 minute Kommercials on Finnegan’s Periscope Account, @PeriPet™. This is the first line up, we are kicking off bright and early tomorrow!



If you have not heard of Barkworld, this is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the folks who attend and get a glimpse into the fabulous pet conference.

So what should you do to prepare for tomorrow? Grab your pets, your coffee and tune into @PeriPet™ at the scheduled times. ALSO please follow each of the three listed folks above on Periscope. Hearts are generated by tapping on your screen, we love hearts!!! Finn tries to smoosh them with his paw LOL!

See you tomorrow!

Purrs and Wags

Lisa and Finn