Clever Kitty Cats

I wish I could get Abigail to do this for Finnegan so I could have a break!

Cluc: Wall Mounted Cat Toy Project

Check out this adorable kitty cat wall mounted cat toy!

This object collection was specifically designed by Cluc for our feline friends.  The wall mounted cat toy is just one product included in a series of three objects.  Click on the kitty to find out more and order yours, or simply email to purrchase this fabulous feline find!














Suction Cups Catatized into Activity Treat Feeder – Cats


Catatize – to take an otherwise unrelated object or service and endow it to the feline friendly environment.





Satisfies your cats need to hunt and play!

DIY Catatized Suction Cup Activity Feeders will help your kitty fulfill her natural desire to hunt and find food.  These are super easy to make yourself and give you the option to have a horizontal OR vertical feeder. So easy to catatize, you will probably have all the materials at home already.  I hear your wallet sighing 😉

Take a suction cup and attach (using super glue or other adhesive appropriate for the product material) it to the bottom of a cup.  I like to use disposable plastic cups with wide openings because Abigail loves to put her entire head inside for her goodies.



You can even use empty tissue boxes, paper towel rolls and deep lids as the Feeder.  Once you have a few assembled, place them around your home so your kitties have to ‘hunt’ for their treats.  I keep a few on my fridge and make a variety collage.  Try different shapes and sizes, this will enhance their finding skills by encouraging them to use their paws to gather the noms.   I like to put the catatized cups throughout our home on all appliances like the fridge, washer dryer and dishwasher.  I even put them in my office and attach to some furniture.


 Your kitties will LOVE!


lisalillmanLisa’s Catatize Tip:  Entice your kitty cat even more by adding a little something to the cups.  Abigail loves plastic bags, so I taped one to the cup, covering the inside and surroundings.  Other enticements include sandpaper on the side or bottom of the interior of the cup,   feathers attached to the top of the tissue box or even a mouse toy!  Be creative, let your kitty cat know these were made especially for her.



Leave us a comment and let me know what you think; if you try these out, please let me know your feline’s experience.  Until then, Purrs!!!

Do you have a catatized project you have created specifically for your feline?  If you would like it included on our Catatized Project Page, please email me:

  • Description of catatized project
  • Directions on how to create
  • One to three photos
  • Link to your blog or social media




Easter Basket Grass or Cat Litter

Hey guys, pleaz change my kitty litter regularly!  Easter Basket Grass might look like kitty litter to me, and a basket might look like my box.  If I haz an audience to cheer me on, I might leab some chocolate tootsie rolls beHIND too.  Purrrr hee hee.  Happy holiday weekend, may you have lots of soil free treats to enjoy.

(oh and I lub treats too! I put some Easter Kitty Gifts below as your guide, MOL)





Easter Kitty Treat Gift Ideas

Greenies  These fit purrfectly in a Kitty Easter Basket!

Bamboleos If you do not know what these cool cat toys are, please click on them to see! 

Kitty Cat Easter Gift Basket

Bearskin for Kitty Cats

Pure Cod Cat Treats