#PetLoversTribe Holiday Shopping on Periscope

PetLoversTribHolidayYEP you read it correctly!  A fun Pawliday Holiday Shopping Scope with the most fun animals on Periscope! Follow @Kopiwoda on Periscope to get in on all the fun, and follow the directions below! Oh, and grab your plastic!
The #PetLoversTribe Holiday Shopping
Saturday, December 12 starting at 9am Central

This is going to be a day long event to help people find great gifts for the pet lovers on their shopping list! Each person will have 10 minutes to show and tell viewers about the pet-related products and services you offer. You might even consider offering a special for viewers who make a purchase on that day.

Everyone who participates is asked to make a small donation (from the profits of that day) to your favorite pet charity.

In order to participate you need to complete the registration form. There is limited space, so make sure you register early. #PetLoversTribe members will get first priority, but I will be announcing it to the general Periscope community soon.

For more info, and to register go to http://bit.ly/pltshopping

Helping Your Pet Adjust to Your New Job

Making a New Job Work for You and Your Pet
NAPPS offers tips on effectively transitioning you and your pet to a new career

MT. LAUREL, NJ – July 2, 2012 – Moving up the corporate ladder through a well-deserved promotion will likely increase your confidence, pay check and of course, the time you spend at the office. The additional workload and responsibilities that often accompany a promotion or a new job may also present challenges when attempting to balance your professional and personal life. Next time you bid Fido or Fluffy farewell (and grab the lint-roller as you run out the door), keep in mind that your furry friend is also faced with adjusting to your new schedule and the increased time you spend away from home.   

The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals, encourages pet parents to consider hiring a professional pet sitter who can provide quality care for Fido when you’re stuck at the office.

“Professional pet sitters are excellent resources during these times of change,” said John D’Ariano, president of NAPPS. “Pet sitters are experienced and trained to provide your furry loved one with the professional care and trusted companionship he deserves.”

Whether you’re tied up at the office or putting in extra hours of work from home, your focus doesn’t have to drift away from the task at hand. A professional pet sitter can offer you the time you need to concentrate on a project or meet a deadline, without worrying about your playful pup’s distracting behavior. A pet sitter can offer Fido the undivided attention he needs while you complete your day’s work.

For pet parents experiencing a change in their job, NAPPS offer these tips:

Slowly transition into your new routine; your pet will find it easier to gradually adjust to the change.
Pets can recognize their human companion’s anxiety; try to avoid stressful behavior while you attempt to adjust to your new schedule.
Engage in exercise. A brisk morning walk can be you and your pet’s new routine to start each day.
Allow your pet to have access to things that are familiar and comfortable. For example, if he has a favorite bed to sleep in, be sure he can enjoy that sanctuary while you’re away.
As you continue (or begin) your new job search, keep your favorite pet pal in mind; these exciting life changes are part of your pet’s life, too! Allowing for a smooth transition for your pet will make the new endeavor much more thrilling.

About NAPPS: NAPPS is the only national non-profit trade association dedicated to serving the needs of professional pet sitters. The Association aims to help the pet owning public, those interested in pet sitting, and professionals engaged in the in-home pet care industry by fulfilling its vision statement, serving as “the most respected authority in professional pet sitting.” It does so by providing the tools and support to foster the success of its members. Additionally, pet parents can benefit from NAPPS’ free resources including a disaster preparedness guide, tips on how to select a pet sitter, and a nationwide referral service,. To find a pet sitter in your area, check out NAPPS’ nationwide “Pet Sitter Locator” at www.petsitters.org.  For more information on NAPPS, please follow @TheNAPPS on Twitter or join us on Facebook at facebook.com/TheNAPPS.

Traveling with Your Pet – 3 Great Reasons Staying in a Pet Friendly Hotel Makes Sense

Three Great Reasons to Stay in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know just how amazing the comfort and companionship they can provide is. There’s nothing quite like getting home and seeing the excited eyes of a four-legged friend, whether that’s a dog, cat, or any other type of pet. Taking care of your pet is generally a pretty simple task when you’re at home, but what happens if you want to go traveling? Maybe you want to check out the ski hotels Canada has to offer, or perhaps head to find some sun, but what do you do with your pet? As an owner you may already have experienced this issue. Perhaps you left your beloved pet with family or friends? Maybe you put them into a kennel or another type of ‘home away from home’? These are all good methods of ensuring your pets are well cared-for whilst you’re away – but have you ever considered taking your pet with you? It’s actually much easier than you think. And there are now an ever-increasing number of pet-friendly hotels that would be more than happy to welcome you and your furry friends for the duration of your stay. Let’s take a look at three great reasons to spend your next trip away with your pet (or pets) at a pet-friendly hotel.

Socialising for you and your pet

One of the best things about having pets is the companionship they offer you. This feeling is increased all the more when you meet other pet owners. At a pet-friendly hotel, there’s a very good chance that you’ll run into other owners – giving both you and your pet the chance to meet new people (or animals) and make new friends. There aren’t many ice-breakers that are as good as a shared love of animals: why do you think so many romantic stories feature the couple meeting when they’re out walking the dog? Animals like dogs are also very social, so they’ll be pleased as punch to get the chance to meet other dogs. Plus, a lot of the pet-friendly hotels across the world have specialist facilities to give your pet a place to play and mix with other dogs. And of course, you could always chat to the fellow owners while your dog is predisposed!

Peace of mind, guaranteed

As you probably already know, leaving your pets at home whilst you’re travelling can be a bit of a stressful experience. Even if you know their safe and well, there’s still that nagging voice in the back of your mind looking for some reassurance. Why go through all this when a pet-friendly hotel will welcome both you and your furry friends? You never have to be parted, and you’ll even save money on what you may have spent on kennels and the like. The piece of mind you’ll get in knowing where your precious pet is at all times during your trip is worth its weight in gold. And, perhaps more importantly, your pet will be actively enjoying the trip away with you, rather than sitting waiting at home or being couped up in a kennel. Pet-friendly hotels will generally give your pet plenty of opportunities to get some exercise, so be sure to check out the facilities properly before you make your choice.

It’s fun for everyone!

Perhaps the number one reason that most people choose to stay at a pet-friendly hotel is that they’re a lot of fun! The cacophony of different animals makes for a really interesting environment that other hotels just can’t match. And, unlike the vets and other places where pets tend to be found in large numbers, the pet-friendly hotel will usually have activities for you to enjoy with your pet as well as other pet owners who are staying at the hotel. This really ties in to the first point of pet-friendly hotels being a great social experience. Imagine them like a big club for animal lovers where you can meet like-minded people and share your four-legged with them too. For animal lovers, pet-friendly hotels are really like a little slice of heaven. So why treat yourself and your pet to an unforgettable experience at a unique pet-friendly hotel?

Winner of the Mommy Bus

Congratulations Linda!  You are the lucky winner, please email me your physical address.

Way to go!  Thanks everyone for playing and thanks to the folks at Mommy Bus for making such an adorable pet product.

I follow your blog

I like the zipper compartment on the side


Flury of Furry Kontest Information


may the best Kritter win!

Welcome back to round II of the Flury of Furry Kontests!  I wanted to give you some tips to make your entries easier.  Things you can do NOW to become eligible to win the very cool prizes and Gift Certificate Cards.

  • Follow this BLOG (little blue box to your right that says Friend Connect)
  • FAN my Facebook Page (to the right, with the cute little white kitty cat)
  • Leave your email information in the little yellow box on the right (if you have already done this, no need to do it again) This will enable me to get you reminders and information about upcoming contests

Kritter Kontests


  • Sunday November 21st – Kritter Kommunity – giving away one Kritter Kondo Deluxe PINK (contest opens on the 21st and will stay open through December 11th; winner will be announced December 12th)
  • Friday November 26th and November 27th –  Bad Cat Jewelry – giving away one $25.00 Gift Certificate
  • Sunday November 28th and November 29th – NittanyPottery – giving away one $50.00 Gift Certificate
  • Wednesday December 1st – Best Online Pets Supply store – giving away one $25.00 Gift Certificate (contest opens at 6:00AM EST and closes at 9:00PM EST same day)
  • Thursday December 2nd – CatToys.com store – giving away one $25.00 Gift Certificate (contest opens 6:00AM EST and closes at 9:00PM EST same day)
  • Friday December 3rd – Great Lakes Cat Furniture – giving away one $50.00 Gift Certificate (contest opens at 6:00AM EST closes at 9:00PM EST same day)
  • Wednesday December 8th – Best Online Pets Supply store – giving away one $25.00 Gift Certificate (contest opens at 6:00AM EST and closes at 9:00PM EST same day)
  • Friday December 10th – Great Lakes Cat Furniture – giving away one $50.00 Gift Certificate (contest opens at 6:00AM EST closes at 9:00PM EST same day)

Sign up to get started… win a Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe.. contest comments open this Sunday, November 21st

Come back November 21st, 2010 for your chance to win a Kritter Kondo Deluxe PINK!

Licks and Giggles is giving away a $25.00 Gift Card today!

If you like pink, you HAVE to check out this store!  It has the most ADORABLE pet products.

My most favorite thing to when I shop at Licks and Giggles Boutique is to go directly to their NEW ARRIVALS, see what everyone’s barking about section.

OMD they have some adorable little outfits that can keep the cutest coats warm this winter.  From Snow Hoodies to Plaid Bowties, this store has some of the most unique gifts to pamper your favorite paws.  And don’t worry kitties, there is a special feline section for you too!  Over at Kitty Corner you have a choice of so many delightful catnip toys!

Before you get too carried away, click HERE and follow them on Twitter!

The folks over at Licks and Giggles Boutique are always posting their specials and new products via tweets so that you are always in the ‘nose’ about what they have for you to paw-chase.

Another super fun way they use Social Media is through their Blog. Here you can read all about the cute white doggy Ella and learn about NYC and some fun places she goes to hang out!

My Photo

About Me

I’m Ella, a Maltese-Yorkie Mix, otherwise known as a “Morkie”. I live in Astoria New York and enjoy exploring all things Doggie in NYC. Follow me and my friends on our adventures and discover new exciting places to hang out, eat and shop!

View my complete profile

Okay, now that you have been introduced to this fabulous Boutique, lets get this Contest going!  Please leave me a comment of one thing you would LOVE to have from Licks and Giggles Boutique.  Make sure you leave a way to contact you in your comment (email, Twitter or Facebook)

Comments close at 9:00PM EST tonight

Thanks for playing!


winner will be announced tomorrow!

Win a $25.00 Gift Certificate from DogToys.com today!

Our next sponsor in the Flury of Furry Kontest is DogToys.com.

If you have a canine and love to spoil your pet, this is the store fur you.  From clothing to carriers, with toys in between this pet store has everything for your furbaby.  I love that it even has a special section for eco friendly produtcts like this Recycled Frisbee that is great to take to your favorite dog park.  Maybe you are doing a Secret Santa at work this year and picked another dog lover?  This Frisbee is priced just right for that type of occasion.

There are so many great gift ideas at this pet store, it’s so hard to chose just one!  If you win the $25.00 Gift Card you could possibly get a few items in your shopping cart this month!  Head on over to DogToys.com and leave me a comment that tells me what you saw you would LOVE to have.  PLEASE be sure to leave a way to contact you if your email address does not show in your name.  (you can leave your Twitter name, your Facebook link or your email address)  I just need a way to contact you if you win!

Before you scurry off, go to DogToys.com Facebook page and give them a LIKE and let them know I sent you.  They would love to hear from you!

Have fun and good luck!

(come on back this Friday for a chance to win big from Nip and Bones!)

Follow them on Twitter!