Furminator Cat Brush Review @Chewys

FurminatorFinn3Furminator2FinnFurminator1FurminatorFinn2jpgFurminatorFinn3Furminator1Hey guys, check out this pawesome cat brush from Furminator!  Finn was so excited to hear he would be doing a review for Chewy’s and this brush is one of the products.  We LOVE it,  as with all the Furminator products we own.  This brush is especially fabulous because it has a soft bristle side AND a pin side.  Unlike the Furminator deShedding tool, this product is fantastic for removing loose cat hair and even getting out mats and tangles.   Our feedback about this brush?  FANTASTIC!  Lots of purrs and headrubs.  You can get this product at http://www.chewy.com/ one of our favorite stores!  ENJOY!



Cat Grooming and the Importance of Hairball Elimination

Hey Kwitters!  Since we are all hanging out here on the Korner, I wanted to bring up an important topic…Grooming.  My Mommy is sooooo good about grooming me, and I know you cats have commented on my shiny furcoat in the past.  Grooming not only makes me know my Mommy loves me, it also helps her by reducing cat hair shedding and cat dander.  I am a HUGE fan of the double bladed Furminator which Mommy got at Supplies Just 4 Pets http://www.suppliesjust4pets.com/just-for-cats.html.  We love the double bladed Furminator fur me and Abi enjoys the single bladed Furminator.  Whatever your favorite brushy, motivate your Mommy or Staff to groom you regularly this summer.  You will feel like a Movie Star, have a shinier coat, help the fight against furballs, stay cooler and reduce hooman allergans.  Plus, I don’t know any cat that doesn’t love the attention of *scratchies* from that special hooman.


-Madi, The Cat


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