Periscope Kommericals: #Barkworld 2015 Attendees


Hey folks! Wow, what an amazing time I had at Barkworld 2015! There were so many interesting presentations and workshops provided, incredible speakers, fabulous sponsors and fun loving pets and attendees galore. It was a top notch event, one that just seems to get better and better every year! Finnegan and I were thinking of the best way to bring these wonderful attendees to folks who did not make it to Barkworld this year. We decided to host 10 minute Kommercials on Finnegan’s Periscope Account, @PeriPet™. This is the first line up, we are kicking off bright and early tomorrow!



If you have not heard of Barkworld, this is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the folks who attend and get a glimpse into the fabulous pet conference.

So what should you do to prepare for tomorrow? Grab your pets, your coffee and tune into @PeriPet™ at the scheduled times. ALSO please follow each of the three listed folks above on Periscope. Hearts are generated by tapping on your screen, we love hearts!!! Finn tries to smoosh them with his paw LOL!

See you tomorrow!

Purrs and Wags

Lisa and Finn

Monday Night Highlights from around the Pet Blogosphere

Cat Abigail Twitter OffIt felt so good to get out and hop around the Blogoshpere tonight.  It has been way too long since we got out and pounced around to see what the anipals of the internet are doing.  Some kewl things we found:

Boris Kitty is teasing felines with a new scented kitty litter made by World’s Best Cat Litter.

Mario is offering paw by paw play with your plastic bag instructions!

Pibbles & Me had the kewlest Blog Hop going yesterday.  The blog hop is called Black and White Sunday and it is a collection of black and white photos of pets.  (might be doggy specific, I have to investigate….)

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody announced the new home for Chairman Burns and Mr. Waffles.

AND we found a fun blog hop we are pawticipating in on Snoopy’s Blog.  Have fun!

Snoopy’s Dog Blog

Snoopy's Dog Blog

Pin My Pet Page: Dedicated to Pets on Twitter

Pin My Pet Badge, Social Media For PetsHey guys, we have a new page and we want your furry monster face on it!  Check out the Pin My Pet Page on this Blog, Kritters that Twitter.  The Pin My Pet page is dedicated to photo albums of pets and animals that will be pinned on Pinterest.  The first photo album theme is social media pets.  A great way to let your friends know your social media information + a mugshot of your fabulous self.  To get added to the photo album and Pinterest board, please email me the following to:

info AT

ONE PHOTO of your Furry  Self (if you do not have fur, fins, or feathers, this is not the board for you – please keep moving hoomans and businesses that are not pet focused!)

TWO Social Media contacts for you (blog, pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc) Only two will be accepted, no more will fit on the badge

ONE sentence fun fact about you!

Your photo will be seen in our photo album AND on Pinterest.  This is not for the shy pets (felines, I KNOW you love to be seen 🙂  These photos will be stumbled, shared, posted and of course tweeted so put your best paw forward!

We are looking forward to your emails, until then…. remember, PETS PIN TOO!

*contests coming*

Purrs and Wags

Lisa, Abigail and Finnegan



One StumbleUpon Quetzal Bird Post Brings Pet Blog Over 82K Pageviews

WOW!  82k pageviews with one post, and still this number is increasing by the hour?  Would you like to know who's pet blog I am talking about? Guess what?  You are on the pet blog that is enjoying the clicks to see a lovely Quetzal bird; and it's all because of StumbleUpon.  Here is a screen shot I just took, just now.


You can see where it says 82k siteviews and gives the title of the post which is, Gorgeous Creature Quetzal.  I am still in shock that this little, albiet, lovely bird has guided so many Stumblers to Kritters that Twitter.  And if you are wondering how I know these views have been generated by StumbleUpon, I pasted a page from my Site Meter below for your reference.  For a more detailed analysis, simply click on my Site Meter button in the right hand column of this page. 

I have written a few articles about StumbleUpon and some of my personal pros and cons about the traffic generated by this Social Media Powerhouse. 

Tips to Make You a Better Stumbler

Using Twitter, StumbleUpon and Triberr to Build a Powerhouse Social Network

As you will read in the above aricles, I have no illusion that these Stumblers are sticking around for long periods of time, clicking each page, browsing for hours, leaving quality comments.  The volume traffic however, is more than welcome on my blog as I continue to improve my Alexa Ranking, enjoy the few Stumblers out of the 82k who do come back for more and am more than pleased with the traffic from the Quetzal page that is clicking onto my Kritter Kommunity ad directly above the bird, sending them to my product website.  Do you want more traffic to your pet blog or niche market blog?  What are some of your 2012 goals and can StumbleUpon help you reach them?  Check out the above articles for a description of SU and some ways it may add value to your Social Media Network.  Let me know if you have any questions, I can be found on Twitter by clicking here @lisaillman.  Let's tweet up and discuss this now!

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How to Use Social Networking as a Focus Group

Blog Optimizing to Increase Speed

Using Hashtags to Improve the Relevancy of Your Tweets

Nipclub Pets Pimp their Ride for Duncan’s Place

Using Twitter, StumbleUpon and Triberr to Build a Powerhouse Social Network

Hi, my name is Lisa Illman and is my Blog.  My kitty cats are Madison and Abigail.  They inspired me to invent an outdoor cat enclosure product line along with a social media network focused on pets.  I love my kitties, animals,  social media (especially Twitter) and Pilates.  That is what you can expect to read about when you visit.  Thanks for stopping by.  Leave a comment, we love them and will reply!


Nipclub Announces Thursday Night Pet Twitter Parties to Save an Animal’s Life

Attend a Thursday night Nipclub Party and Help Raise Money and Awareness for

Animal Rescues through Partying and Tweeting.

Dogs tending bar and serving appetizers, cats spinning the tunes, bunny rabbits hopping and twirling for joy. What on earth are these animals doing and why are they doing it on Twitter? Co-Founder and Proprietor Georgia Manley explains, “with so many animals and displaced pets in today’s economy, a group of us knew we had to think outside the litter box and really get creative. Myself (also known as @FlaCatLady) and my Twitter friend @MaggieTKat were having a bad day and decided we wanted to virtually party together. But we also wanted our energy and tweeting skills to go towards a good cause. With all the furry friends we started making on Twitter, we thought it would be fun to host a Thursday afternoon Twitter Party while trying to raise money for animal charity.”
Since that day back on May 10th, 2010, more volunteers were recruited to help with Nipclub Twitter Parties. Two stellar Nipclub Managers, @Thenascarkitty and @Tinypearlcat, pounced on board to really grow this litter. Eventually a schedule with specific job openings was created that included Barktenders, DJs and even Security Officers.
On Thursday nights starting at 4:00PM EST, things start heating up with animals from all over the world coming together on Twitter to tweet party messages to each other, including a link to the fancy blog Once on the Blog , attendees are dazzled by the glamour and posh menu.   A Barktender eagerly greets each guest and offers a drink of their choice including Tunatinis and Meowgaritas. Flashing lights, red carpet fashion, a disco ball for dancing, full service valet parking; Nipclub is the place to be for high rolling party animals. Tweets shoot out all night long from @BadAndy_KityKat to @GeorgetheDuck commenting on the outstanding appetizer platter that @KingTuitiFruiti serves.

If you are having a hard time imagining so many pets on Twitter,  just show up on any given Thursday evening and join in the fun. Nipclub rules are pretty simply laid out. Nipclub is a virtual animal group. Their main purpose is to raise money for the designated Animal Rescue of the night. Pawticipation is very easy. Show up on Twitter and follow some of these animals and start tweeting with the hash tag #nipclub. You will be welcome with open paws.
For more information about Nipclub, go to or tweet @FlaCatLady or @KingTuitiFruiti.
About Nipclub:
Nipclub is a virtual animal group that’s main focus is to help charity organizations through having fun. Charity goal and policy for selecting animal groups is to provide much needed funds to no-kill shelters, rescues, sanctuaries and programs. Pets on Twitter are the workers who make it all happen.

-Lisa Illman

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But, above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” Sarah Breathnach


UpThemes - The Best WordPress Themes

Hi, my name is Lisa Illman and is my Blog.  My cat babies are Madison and Abigail.   They inspired me to invent an outdoor kitty cat enclosure product line called the Kritter Kondo as well as develop a social media network specific to pets and animals.  I love my kitties, animals, social media and Pilates.  These are the topics you are likely to read about when you stop by.   Leave a comment, we love them and will write back!

-Lisa, Madi and Abi

Other articles you might be interested in include:

Facts About Cats

No Gas Chamber Law in Pennsylvania

Peace River Wildlife



Triberr – What is it and Who Should Join?

Triberr – what is it and who should join?

A few weeks ago I received a tweet from my good friend @vscook telling me that she had sent me a DM.  This was good, because if she did not give me the head’s up I would have thought her message was SPAM created by some sort of hack.  I quick rushed to my messages box to receive my secret message.  Alas, there was an invite to….. Triberr.  Vicki explained in her tweet that she was creating a Blogging Tribe and did I want to join.  Well, lucky for Triberr, I know and respect Vicki so I quickly answered “Absolutely”  immediately followed by “what the heck is Triberr”?

First I want to explain what Triberr is NOT.  Triberr is not Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.  This is not a place to go and hang out for hours on end socializing, exchanging photographs, competing for giveaways.  It’s primary purpose is not to have a conversation with people.  It wasn’t built with the concept of posting photos of your friends and family, or getting back in touch with old high-school classmates.  So if it’s primary purpose is not for socializing, what is Triberr?

Triberr is a sharing platform.  Triberr helps Bloggers reach audiences they would never be able to reach on their own.  Triberr utilizes Twitter to broadcast Blog articles throughout the Internet.  The way to join Triberr is to get an invitation.  Once you get your invite and accept to be a good little tribe member, you can really build quite a network for yourself and your Blog.

After accepting your invitation to Triberr, you will connect your Twitter account to your Triberr account.  Now you will start to get the other members of your tribe’s Blog posts, and they will get yours.  OOOh do you see where this is headed yet?  Okay, so let’s say you are in a tribe with six other members who have a total of 8,500 followers on Twitter among them.  You have just increased your social media network reach by 8,500.   Every time you post on your Blog, they will be able to tweet your post to their followers, and visa versa.  Wala!!!  A sharing social media community magnified!

This can be such a huge benefit if you are someone who is looking to drive more traffic to your Blog.  Triberr can also benefit the animal/pet community of Tweeters and Bloggers by helping get the word out regarding community information, contests, pawpawties and anipal Blog posts.

Are you interested in joining Triberr?

I am currently building a Variety of Interests Tribe and have 4 openings if you are interested.  You should:

  • Have over 1,500 followers on Twitter
  • Have a Health Blog, Beauty Blog, Chocolate Blog, Coffee Blog, Camping, Hiking, Recipe/Cooking or Fashion Blog
  • Be able to log onto Triberr once a day (at least)
  • Want to drive more traffic to your Blog
  • Should not already be on Triberr

If you would like to join this Variety of Interests Blog please tweet me @lisaillman or email me

If you are an ANIPAL and you are interested in becoming an active member of an ANIPALS ONLY Tribe, please tweet Abigail @KritterKondo or email her

Any questions about Triberr?  Email me direct


ANIPALS LOOK, below is a comment!!!  A comment from Founder Dino Dogan – he lubs uz!  how totally pawesome.  (*nosetaps* see you on Twitter purrrr – Abigail)

Hi Lisa,

Not only can Triberr benefit the animal/pet community of Tweeters and Bloggers, but Triberr was born in the pet blogging community.

Im a long time dog blogger (and Founder of Triberr) and one of the reasons I started Triberr was so that I can help drive more traffic and awareness for my fellow dog bloggers.

My Dog Tribe was the 5th tribe created on Triberr 🙂


Halloween Cat Collars

Hi guys!  It’s me Abigail.  Whatcha been up to?  We have been taking advantage of these cooler days and spending lots of time outside.  Today we are helping wiff courtyard clean up and I am rolling around in da leabes my mommy is sweeping into piles.  She weally appreciates when I do that, cuz it smooshes dem down flat and makes it easier for her to scoop up.  I just came in to take a wittle break and was cruising around da internet.  Lookie what I found!




These are super cool cat collars.  I lub dem!  Etsy is a fun store to browse, I thought I’d post some nice Halloween Cat Collars I found.  Maybe you will like dem too?

I love orange and these are purrfect for twick or tweating!  I hope to get lots of catnip diz year!  Is anyone dwessing up in Halloween Costumes?  Leeb me a comment and tell me what you are going to dwess up as this year, I would love to hear!

Otay, off to get some more rolling in da leabs done.  We’ll be back later to get some Barkworld Video up and my mommy still needs to get the TICA Cat Show photos posted.  She iz running soooo behind dese days!  See you soon, xoxooxxo


CONTEST CLOSED! Twitter Giveaway:





This is the coolest concept!  We all need a service from time to time, whether it’s a kitty sitter, a babysitter, a housekeeper, the list is endless. is a service that offers all this and much much more.  Read more about them and then have a look at the wonderful prizes they are giving away this Caturday night on Twitter!  It will be a BLAST!

About Care4hire
Candi Wingate, President of, a mother herself, knows first-hand how hard it can be to find the perfect caregiver. We put a great deal of effort into making as easy to use as possible. Our database is designed to assist families in finding a quality babysitter, housekeeper, tutor, companion/eldercare, pet sitter and Miscellaneous care such as a personal assistant, gardener, party planner, etc. for their specific needs and requirements and offer caregivers an enjoyable employment experience.

A free preview of available caregivers is available to families through our local neighborhood mapping technology. Whether you need a caregiver for a few hours to a few days, you will find it at Once you are a registered member, you will be given immediate access to babysitters through email and phone. In addition, helpful tools are available, including sample interview questions, a sample reference form and a sample contract. also gives you advice, tips and information that will help you and your caregiver connect on a social and personal level. has been affiliated with the caregiver industry since 1987 so all of us here are no strangers to matching families and caregivers. Besides, we are also affiliated with, and a full service Nanny Placement Agency.






HOW: From 7:00 – 10:00PM EST Abigail (@KritterKondo) and I (@lisaillman) will be on Twitter scouting for #CARE4HIRE.COM

We will be picking THREE lucky winners throughout the night who have been using #CARE4HIRE.COM in the tweets!

WHATA one year membership to for a giveaway ($89.99 value each)

three lucky tweeps will win a 1 year membership-


you must be following these Tweeps on Twitter:

@Kritter Kondo



ANYONE in the world is eligible to win, however, please check their locations at the bottom of the homepage to make sure your area is serviced.  Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

*** I was not paid for this posting, this is NOT a product review; this is a Twitter Giveaway only.  My Blog is simply the channel being used to communicate the contest***


Twitter Giveaway


Hey guys, it’s me Madi.  Mommy (@lisaillman) and Abi (@KritterKondo) wanted me to let you know about ANOTHER Twitter Giveaway coming up.  Below are the details, I sure hope you can make it.  See you soon!!!!

Lubs Madison



What: Twitter Giveaway

When: Whiskers Wednesday Night August 10th, 7:00PM – 10:00PM EST

Where: TWITTER  (you must be following @KritterKondo and @lisaillman to be eligible to win)

What: Booster Bath

$119.00 + Shipping

Booster Bath Mini

Designed for Breed Sizes:
Cocker Spaniel • Pomeranian • Scottish Terrier • Jack Russell • Papillion • Welsh Corgi • Miniature Schnauzer
French Bulldog • Beagle
Weight Capacity: 75 lbs.
Dog owners experience the most effective, lightweight, portable and affordable dog bath that thousands have fallen in love with, the Booster Bath. Finally, no more dogs in the shower or bath tub. No more chasing dogs with a hose through the back yard. Now bath time is fun and easy! For single or multiple dogs. With Booster Bath bathing your dog will take one-fourth the time and you will feel one tenth of the hassle. Place your order now for the Booster Bath and see for yourself just how great this product really is! We know you and your pet will love and enjoy the Booster Bath for years as it is built to last a lifetime.

$129.00 + shipping

Large Booster Bath

Designed for Breed Sizes:
German Shepard • All Retrievers • Bulldog • Rottweiler • Boxer • Staffordshire Terrier • Akita • Dalmatian • Springer Spaniel • Greyhound • Afghan
Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
Dog owners experience the most effective, lightweight, portable and affordable dog bath that thousands have fallen in love with, the Booster Bath. Finally, no more dogs in the shower or bath tub. No more chasing dogs with a hose through the back yard. Now bath time is fun and easy! For single or multiple dogs. With Booster Bath bathing your dog will take one fourth the time and you will feel one tenth of the hassle. Place your order now for the Booster Bath and see for yourself just how great this product really is! We know you and your pet will love and enjoy the Booster Bath for years as it is built to last a lifetime.


How: Phew, thought you’d never ask…..  all you need to do is be on Twitter Wednesday night  from 7-10PM.  Everytime you tweet, include #BoosterBath and you will automatically be on their radar.

Abigail (@KritterKondo) and Lisa (@lisaillman) will be randomly picking a total of 2 winners during the 3 hour time period!!  One Small Booster Bath and one Large Booster Bath will be given away randomly.

We will be announcing winners throughout the night.

What else do I need to know?

You need to be following both me and Abigail (@KritterKondo + @lisaillman)

You need to be following this Blog (Google Friends) to be eligible to win

You can live anywhere in the USA to win.

If you win, you will need to email us your physical address for shipping your prize!

You need to have LOTS and LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to Love ANIPALS

See you on Twitter!  xoxoxoxxoxox



Must Follow Twitter Accounts, Guest Blogger

Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Critters (or Critter Lovers)

If a snake had a Twitter account, what would it say? Twitter’s chock full of news sources, companies, small businesses, working professionals and everyday Twitterers– but it’s got it’s fair share of animals, too. Here are the top four must-follow Twitter accounts for critters and their human counterparts.

1. Sockamillion (AKA Sockington or Jason Scott’s Cat)

Twitter Username: @Sockington

Twitter Bio: I am Jason Scott’s Cat.

Average Tweets Per Day: 4.2


Why You Should Follow: With around 1.5 million followers in the “Socks Army,” @Sockington is the undisputed Feline King of Twitter. Sockington’s twitter account seeks to answer the question, “If your cat had Twitter, what would he tweet about? The answer, according to Sockington, often involves litter boxes, feeding times, or waging war on household objects.

2.) The Humane Society of the United States

Twitter Username: @humanesociety

Twitter Bio: Official Twitter feed from The Humane Society of the United States. We’re celebrating animals and confronting cruelty… all day, every day!

Average Tweets Per Day: 6.6

Sample Tweet: Read a heartwarming story of how a prison is serving as an animal shelter in LA

Why You Should Follow: The Humane Society tweets a variety of pet-related stories, news, tips, and follower pet photos. They also answer any pet or rescue questions asked by their 66,000 followers. On Fridays, expect to be bombarded with cat photos, articles, and questions: the end of the week means it’s time for the cat-focused #FelineFriday.

3.) The Bronx Zoo’s Cobra

Twitter Username: @BronxZoosCobra

Twitter Bio: I’m an Egyptian cobra back from being out on the town.

Average Tweets Per Day: 1.1

Sample Tweet: Does anyone know if the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle sells organic mice?”

Why You Should Follow: What happens to a Bronx Zoo cobra after it escapes its confines? It starts tweeting. At least, that’s what this snarky Twitter account is claiming. Though the cobra is now safely restored to the zoo, 230,000 followers still tune in to hear the sarcastic snake’s commentary on escape plans and everyday life. For a real treat, read back over the renegade cobra’s tweets during its escape.

4.) Animal Planet

Twitter Username: @AnimalPlanet

Twitter Bio: Animal Planet: Surprisingly Human

Average Tweets Per Day: 4.9

Sample Tweet: 10 Cities With Dog Friendly Public Transportation:

Why You Should Follow: This account is a definite must-follow for Animal Planet fans, but it’s a useful account to follow even if you’re not familiar with the channel. @AnimalPlanet tweets animal facts, behind-the-scene show exclusives, and a wealth of links to interesting animal-related articles.


This list is by no means exclusive. You’ll find tons of pet-related Twitter accounts for just about any pet-related topic imaginable. Looking for some dog training tips? You’ll find a thousand. Want to learn the world of SEO copywriting for the pet industry? There are plenty of pet-focused SEO accounts on Twitter. Searching for a pet to adopt? Check local shelters or rescue organizations’ Twitter accounts and browse pics of local pets that need a home.

Of course, we couldn’t write a Critter-friendly Twitter list without mentioning the resident expert Twitter accounts on pets and pet-focused social media, @kritterkondo and @lisaillman!


Note: All “Average Tweets Per Day” figures were calculated via


Image Source: Jason “Textfiles” Scott via Flickr

Guest Blogger:  Nicki Porter graduated summa cum laude from Old Dominion University with a B.A. in English and her writing has appeared in publications like The Albion Review and the Wildwood Journal. When not writing for CopyPress, Nicki can be found wandering through farmers’ markets, making a mess of her kitchen, or snapping photos with her trusty camera.


Twitter Giveaway Alert!

What: Twitter Giveaway

When: Caturday Night, August 6th

7:00PM EST – 10:00PM EST

Where: TWITTER  (you must be following @KritterKondo and @lisaillman to be eligible to win)

How: Phew, thought you’d never ask…..  all you need to do is be on Twitter this Caturday night from 7-10PM.  Everytime you tweet, include #KritterKondo and you will automatically be on our radar.

Abigail (@KritterKondo) and I (@lisaillman) will be randomly picking a total of 5 winners during the 3 hour time period to win a $25.00 Visa Gift Card.

We will be announcing winners throughout the night.


What else do I need to know?

You need to be following both me and Abigail (@KritterKondo + @lisaillman)

You need to be following this Blog (Google Friends) to be eligible to win

You can live anywhere in the world to be eligible to win

You can win more than once

If you win, you will need to email us your physical address and or an email address to mail the VISA Card (depending where you live will determine how the VISA card gets sent to you)

You need to have LOTS and LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to Love ANIPALS

See you on Twitter!  xoxoxoxxoxox

Lisa, Madison and Abigail


Concatulations, winner of the 4′ Kritter Kondo Konnector Red/White

Way to go Linda, please email us your physical address so we can ship your product.  ENJOY!

info AT kritterkommunity dot com

Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

July 22, 2011 at 11:03 am (Edit)

I like everything

You can get to your blog
Everything is labeled better
You have more an better info

CONTEST CLOSED: New Kritter Kommunity Website Celebration!

Welcome to the 1st contest giveaway to celebrate our new website, Kritter Kommunity!  The three of us (Lisa, Madi and Abi) are so excited about the new digs, we are hosting a summer splash celebration.  Throughout the summer, Madison will be posting giveaways at his discretion (so I apologize in advance if it is a little….. ahem… ‘off the wall’) and tonight kicks off our first contest.  Here’s how it works:

Go to Kritter Kommunity ( and find three things you love about the new website; post them in your comment on this Blog.

Winner will receive ONE Kritter Kondo Konnector 4′

please click here to read about this product

Madison WILL use to pick the winner (sorry ladies, batting your eyelashes won’t work for this one)


Email Marketing You Can Trust

Winner can be in the USA or Canada

Contest Closes at 5:00PM EST Caturday Evening (July 23rd, 2011) comments left after this time will not be included

Good luck!  Our paws are crossed FUR you xoxoxo

Madison is fast asleep so I took over tonight (can you believe it?!?! HA HA, not surprised are you :<)   *sigh*

Oh and our shredder broke, so Miss Abigail took it upon herself to help me out with that – isn’t she so sweet to shred all my important documents?  MOL what a week!


5 Horse Care Tips

Five Horse Care Tips

Horse and pony ownership is increasing as keeping them becomes more affordable. Even once past their prime and are no longer ridden they are often kept as pets. There are five tips that every owner should be aware of to ensure that their horses enjoy long and happy lives.

Veterinary Care

Horses can suffer from many disorders, from parasites to infectious diseases. As well as routine checks by a vet there are many horse supplements that can be added to a horse’s feed. Dental care is also important. Horse teeth grow continuously so must be checked at least once a year.



Horses can feed on grass or hay and must eat between 1.5% and 2.5% of their body weight in food each day. Special grain and commercial horse pellets can also be included in their diet. To ensure a horse stays healthy, their feed can be augmented with natural horse supplements such as glucosamine for dogs and horses which will ensure that their joints and bones stay in tip top condition.



Ideally a horse should be groomed once a day. This will ensure that their coat stays in good condition and also helps an owner to bond with the horse. It will help remove dirt and debris from the coat and prevent sores and chafing. Horses should always be groomed prior to riding. The tack and saddle can rub the skin and good grooming will prevent this. In addition, a regular grooming regime will enable an owner to spot possible infections and skin disorders early and before they become a problem. A wide variety of brushes and combs are available for this purpose.


Hoof Care

A horse’s feet should always be checked for riding. Debris such as loose stones and dirt or mud must be picked out. This will prevent hooves from becoming sore or rubbing which in extreme cases could lead to lameness. Hooves must always be kept dry to prevent infections. Domestic horses, particularly if they regularly walk on hard surfaces will need to wear horseshoes. These must be fitted by a professional farrier and checked every 6 to 8 weeks. Even horses that are rarely ridden and live in pasture most of the time will need to have their hooves trimmed on a regular basis.


Leg Care

Whilst a horse is exercising or working it is important to protect its legs. This is usually done by applying bandages or tapes to the horse’s legs. Such bandages can help prevent lacerations which can cause great pain and even lameness if left untreated. It is also good routine to check a horse’s legs regularly for swelling or any other problems.


If looked after properly and kept healthy, a horse can live for 25 to 30 years. Once their working life is over they can still provide years of pleasure as a pet.